Managing Your Energy

In today's age, we are constantly hustling, rushing around, and filling our days and our calendars to the brim. From a young age, we are taught to manage our time. How to plan and schedule our days, weeks, and even years to fit it all in and get the most out of life. We are told how to carefully curate our precious time to make room for what we want to call more of into our lives. All in order to be happy, well, successful, and "whole". What no one tells us, is that there is a far more valuable system to manage; our energy. Managing our energy is the life hack that we never knew we needed.

Energy is more than a physical construct. Everything in our Universe is made up of energy. Energy is our vital life force and we each have our own unique makeup of energy that creates our energetic vibration. The energetic vibrations that we are and the energetic frequencies that are around us at all times affect us on a very deep level, they affect our mood, our thoughts, our emotions, and even our physical bodies. Everything from your physical environment to the people who you're surrounded with can change and alter your energy.

Time management is definitely a wise and important skill to have, we love a good, organized schedule. However, if our energy is off if we don't have the mental and emotional energy to be fully present, fully powerful, then what use is managing our schedules if we can't properly show up? Creating energetic space in our minds, bodies, and souls allows us to be more of ourselves. It creates the opportunity for better performance. It creates room for new creative ideas, more focus, and more pleasure. The goal of energy work is to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit connection which ultimately allows you to align with your highest self.

Taking the first steps to manage your energy can be as simple as eating right, sleeping more, and moving your body. Taking care of the essentials is a wonderful way to ensure that your energy is solid, stable, and balanced. While nourishing our physical vessels will give us a great start, make sure you're also feeding your mind. Make an effort to fill your mind with uplifting, positive thoughts instead of draining ones. Things like excessive social media consumption and harsh, critical self-talk can take a lot out of our energy levels and bring us into a lower vibrational state.

Dark, lower, or shadow energy is rooted in fear. It is dense and heavy and can slow us down on all levels. Even something as subtle as gossiping about a friend can bring our energetic vibrations down. Shadow energies can come from things like being glued to our phones, overexposure to technology, toxins from the products we consume both in and on our bodies, holding onto anger and resentment, and even complaining. As the intricate energetic beings that we are, it's important to know that we attract that which matches our current vibrational state.

We must protect our energy to avoid dipping too far into our energetic reserves and becoming drained and depleted. We can protect our energy with something as simple as turning off our Instagram notifications to avoid distractions. Ask yourself what drains you, whether it's overbooking your calendar or that friend who keeps coming to you for advice that she just won't listen to, and make a list. Avoid energetic vampires by setting boundaries for yourself. Then, counter that list with another list of activities, people, and things that lift you up, energize, and fulfill you. A powerful way to protect your energy is to engage in activities that raise your energetic frequency.

Whether it’s practicing yoga or getting outside to bask in the sunlight, take note of anything that brings you joy and feelings of positive wellbeing. We recommend grounding or "earthing" which is going outside and setting your bare feet on mama Gaia herself, this energetically connects us to her healing frequencies and is quite therapeutic. We strongly believe that taking the time to focus on and care for ourselves is the key to keeping our energy levels balanced and grounded. Filling up our own cups with activities that bring us pleasure will raise our vibe and allow us to live out our best lives.

One thing that is a tried and trusted way to get your energy in the proper place is to set the ambiance and mood of your environment. We are obsessed with the chic, artful Campo Beauty Diffusers to help you create a calming, soothing environment at home or work. Campo Beauty has a line of beautiful oils to help you set the mood, whether you're looking to focus or looking to relax, their essential oil blends are magical. We have been loving the Focus Essential Oil blend at Citrine, we just add a few drops into the sleek Diffuser and we are instantly surrounded by a blissful combination of Sandalwood, Cardamom, and Vetiver which promotes clear minds and open hearts.

Our founder carries the Love Essential Oil blend with her in her purse. She loves to dab it on her wrist and breathe in the spicy, sultry scent throughout the day for an instant mood lift. Rose, Wild Palmarosa, Black Pepper & Pink Peppercorn work to inspire love and passion which balances your heart chakra. Another beautiful ritual is to drop a few drops of an Essential Oil blend into the shower right before you hop it. The steam will carry up the aroma and envelop your cleansing routine with divine plant essences. Using the element of water via cleansing showers and baths is one of the easiest and most effective ways we can cleanse and clear our energetic bodies.

We absolutely love a good bath ritual to cleanse our energies. Start off by setting an intention to cleanse all energies around you that no longer serve you. Next, light some sage or palo santo to help you clear out stagnant energy. Smoke cleansing or "smudging" is actually an ancient, sacred method of clearing negative energy and purifying your space. We love to add a scoop of the Lord Jones Bath Salts to our bath, put on some solfeggio frequencies to balance our chakras, and dip right in.

Going for CBD-infused products is an excellent way to raise our vibration. CBD from hemp extract is a powerful plant ally that has healing properties. CBD can reduce brain fog, enhance clarity, soothe your system, and promote an overall sense of wellbeing. The Lord Jones' products are infused with the finest, broad-spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich CBD extract from hemp cultivated in the US. Their formulations are ultra-luxurious and always promote a blissful vibe. Our go-to is the Lord Jones Royal Oil as it's multifunctional and can be used internally or externally. We also love Lord Jones Gel Capsules as a supplement in the morning to ensure our energy is calm and steady throughout the day.

Plant essences have an extraordinary power to change our energy and uplift our vibrations. Plants vibrate naturally at a higher frequency so utilizing products that are formulated with actual essences of Mother Nature's beautiful plants and flowers will, in turn, raise your vibration. Lotus Wei has a beautiful line of flower essence-infused elixirs, mists, and oils that you can add to your self-care ritual. Flower essences dissolve stress, improve sleep, reduce irritation, soothe our souls, and allow us to access our deep intuitive natures. Utilizing the positive healing power of flowers through these magical potions will get you on track with your energetic management.

Clear stagnant energy and empower yourself with the Lotus Wei Fierce Compassion Mist. This is one of our top choices for instant self-love, appreciation, and gratitude. Nurture your soul and heal your energy with the combination of Honey, Rose, Mandevilla and Rose Quartz gemstone essence. When indulging in a self-care moment with one of the Lotus Wei mists, we like to mindfully take a minute to ourselves and say an affirmation or mantra to help further cleanse the energy. Take a deep breath and say allowed something along the lines of, "I cleanse and clear all of my energy and I call all of my energy back to myself." Lotus Wei's beautiful formulas are powerful tools to bring our energy back into harmony and balance.

While managing one's energy has a variety of tools and techniques available, it's important to keep in mind that the basics are always the most effective. Anything that promotes positivity in your mind, body, and soul will ultimately raise your vibe and that is the most powerful way to manage our energy. We are sending all of our good wishes and positive vibes your way, gentle reader!




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