5 Wellness Hacks For Glowing Skin

Here at Citrine, we’re all about feeling our absolute best & elevating ourselves to a state of optimal wellbeing. Living a life full of conscious decisions, intentional health & high vibrational wellness grants us with the power & grace to move through our lives and stay on our highest path. Citrine was born out of a vision I had–a vision of healing women through the education of intentional beauty choices, which is what clean beauty is all about. Clean beauty goes beyond just choosing a toxin free lipstick, rather it’s something that gets mindfully integrated into our lives. Making thoughtful decisions about our self care, our health, and our beauty rituals are some of the most simple yet impactful ways that we can make to move towards our best lives, full of vitality, bliss & nourishment.


As much as beauty seems like an external, outward expression, especially when we think of skincare & makeup, the truth is that beauty really does come from within. Beauty is a reflection of our compassion, our generosity, our open hearts & kind gestures. True beauty is a lit from within glow that we all inherently radiate. One of my favorite ways to get in touch with my inner beauty is through meditation. Carving out this much needed time for myself every single day grants me with so much clarity & serenity, and helps to develop the relationship I have with myself.

The mind, body & spirit connection is quite profound, so anytime you can quiet your mind, you’re restoring your cells which is then externally reflected in your auric field. There are so many different types of meditation that you can explore, so there’s truly something for everyone. For me personally, I have been diving deep into my kundalini practice, which combines not only mindful meditation but breath and movement as well as ancient wisdom, esoteric integrations as well as science backed beauty benefits. Find a practice that works with your schedule, your energy & your needs. I can guarantee that meditation will change & elevate your life.


Being intentional & mindful during our beauty rituals is an extension of meditation. It is so important to slow down during the time we spend during our skincare routine. These moments to yourself are so precious (especially for all the mamas out there, morning & evening skincare rituals are some of my favorite mini moments of pure me-time), so why not make the absolute most of them? One way to nurture yourself & to connect with your body & your skin is through utilizing facial tools. Take the full opportunity to escape from daily stressors by doing something loving for yourself. I have been loving my Gua Sha & facial tools lately to stimulate the lymphatic system to drain toxins which helps reduce puffiness, sculpting the face and correcting my complexion.

Other beautiful options are the facial rollers which help to stimulate blood flow and increase collagen while lifting & toning, and facial cupping sets which stimulate collagen production & strengthen the connective tissue. While these tools are so beneficial in assisting us in moving energy & physical stagnation from the face, we can also simply go in with our hands and take that extra time & attention to massage our skin. Facial massage, in whichever way you choose, relaxes tension that we all carry in our face, exercises the muscles, assists in the detoxification process & even reduces fine lines. Whether you’re going in with a tool or not, you can really utilize the time you spend applying your serums, creams and oils to work them in with your fingers & give yourself a little massage both day and night. Make it a habit to tend to your skin in this way.


This practice of mindful massage doesn’t only apply to your face. You can give your entire body the same love & affection by being intentional about the application of your hydrating body care products. I personally love to use body oils straight out of the shower on damp skin. Body oils are my favorite because they imitate the natural lipids present in our skin barrier, filling our cells with nourishing hydration. When the skin is damp the lipids are sealed into the skin much easier, creating a gorgeous, silky finish. Massaging the oil into the skin for a few minutes really allows the product to penetrate into the outer layer of our skin, creating a nourishing barrier that locks in the hydration. My three favorite body oils that I tend to rotate between are the Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil, the Agent Nateur holi(body) and the Leahlani Garden Isle Nourishing Body Oil.

There is so much opportunity to really elevate your wellness practices when you focus on the body, which is the beautiful vessel that carries us through life. Read more about how to give your body all the TLC it deserves & embody your best naked self. One really special way to treat yourself is by using hot stones to deepen your body massage, they help to lower stress, stimulate tissue regeneration & boost immunity. Don’t forget to always give gratitude & practice positive, elevating mantras & affirmations that work to develop that inner confidence & self image. Some simple yet impactful words to speak to yourself during your rituals are…

“My skin is beautiful, glowing & radiant.”

“I choose to send love & gratitude to my cells & skin.”

“I accept myself as I am at this moment while simultaneously looking forward to new levels of wellness.”


Take a deep breath. Right now. Inhale deeply. Hold it at the top. Sigh it out slowly. Repeat a few times until you feel your system slowing down & you feel grounded into the present moment. The power of our breath is incredible and is such a simple yet effective tool that we all have access to. Imagine if we all took a few deep, deep mindful breaths every single hour. Every single half hour. How would that change our mood, our mindset, our physical wellbeing? If we can focus on adding in some breathwork to our skincare & beauty rituals, we’re one step closer to elevated states of clarity & bliss. Every deep, intentional breath makes all the difference. Breathwork increases oxygen delivered to the brain which helps reduce cortisol levels in the physical body.

I love to set my energy before going into my morning and night skincare routines with a round of deep beautifying breaths because it clears my mind, opens my heart and connects me into the present moment with myself. A little tip is to set a reminder or notification on your phone to take a moment to be conscious of your breath. This practice and sense of awareness will gradually grow & expand over time, leading to a more serene, clear, centered version of yourself.


As I said earlier, and often say, beauty really does come from the inside out. Nourishing our body with gorgeous supplements makes all of the difference. While there is so much that goes into wellness from a supplement standpoint, one of my absolute favorite ways to boost my glow & get a fortifying boost of nutrients, beauty support & energy is with my holi(mane) matcha recipe.

Agent Nateur holi(mane) is our best selling hair, skin & nails supplement from Agent Nateur that contains just two high quality ingredients, pearl powder from salt water pearls and marine collagen. That’s it. The combination of these two powerful, beauty elevating, vitality giving ingredients give you glowing, supple skin; long lustrous locks; and thick & healthy nails. Pearl has been coveted throughout history as a beautifying ingredient used in rituals of Empresses, queens & priestesses to add luminosity, stimulate new skin growth & promote a youthful appearance. Read more about the luxurious benefits of pearl here on the blog.

In addition to all of the benefits of holi(mane), matcha has it’s own set of beauty & wellness perks. Matcha is essentially a highly concentrated form of green tea, loaded with free radical fighting antioxidants that help to protect the skin from things like sun damage and environmental pollution, keeping the skin ageless from the inside out. Matcha is high in levels of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which also helps to neutralize free radicals, combat stress & reduce inflammation. EGCG is also anti-androgenic, so if you experience any hormonal imbalances that elevate your androgen levels, green tea & matcha help to reduce those, leading to a more clear, even complexion.



As with anything we consume, we must be mindful of the source of our matcha powder and to ensure that it's free of heavy metals, radiation & pesticides. I use the Pique Tea Sungoddess Matcha and I cannot recommend it enough for it’s purity & taste.

Now that I’ve shared my own top wellness hacks, I invite you to create your own beauty rituals that truly resonate with you. Whether they are the same as my own or differ based on your own style and schedule, incorporating a daily beauty routine is so important for our health and wellbeing. Take time to truly connect within and enjoy all of the moments.




JUNE 2022

JUNE 2022