Hot Minute Planner


Upgrade your day like no other with The Hot Minute Planner, a detailed morning routine planner that will keep you organized, increase your clarity and optimize positive habits. The planner is 92 pages, covering 184 days of the year. The best part is you can start ASAP, no need to wait for Monday or January 1st. 

Each day includes space to plan your skincare routine, intentions, workouts, meditation, podcast, books, express gratitude, jot down your daily to-do's, weekly goals and so much more! 

We love this pink planner to upgrade your daily routine, stay organized, express gratitude and plan your day like the boss babe you are! 

Size: 7/5" x 10" aka B5 or composition size. 

Take a moment, reflect and organize your day to increase clarity and optimize positive habits.