The Battington Lash Curler is an effective and easy-to-use tool to effortlessly prep your lashes for voluminous results. It gently lifts and curls eyelashes adding the look of length and volume.

We love the Battington Lash Curler because it comfortably and easily curls your lashes, giving you the appearance of naturally longer more voluminous lashes.

1. Tilt your head back - To help avoid any curler-induced injuries, keep your chin up and tilt your head slightly back for the best angle.

2. Get right to the root - Bring the lash curler right up against the base of the lash, then close it gently one time to check the placement before you squeeze down.

3. Squeeze gently - Squeeze gently then release, do this a few more times. Make sure you release and disengage completely before moving the curler away.

4. Add mascara - Once you've finished curling your lashes, add your desired amount of mascara.