Sacred Body WeiQi Facial Mist



50 ml

Lotus Wei’s Sacred Body brings auric revitalization, bioenergetic cleanse, and ethereal alignment to the body. With Bio-Active Silver, Sacred Body has both energetic and emotional benefits, including clearing negative or foreign energies to prevent toxic overload, nourishing and revitalizing your energy field, and re-establishing healthy boundaries in the subtle bodies. 

By using Sacred Body regularly, you may experience more physical and mental ease, tap into grounded inner strength & resilience, find the balance between extremes of yang (overworking) or yin (stagnation), and perceive the sacredness of your own body.

We love the Sacred Body Facial Mist to keep our minds, bodies, and overall energy fields clean and free from negative and toxic overload. This mist is deeply supportive and leaves us feeling grounded, our energy stabilized, and overall feeling more centered.

For added benefits, pair with the Lotus Wei Sacred Body Elixir.

Bio-Active Silver, Jasminum samba (Night-Blooming Jasmine) Oil, Prunella vulgarisms (Self Heal) Flower Essence, Calotropis procure (Crown Flower) Flower Essence, Pteridium aquiline (Eagle Fern) Flower Essence, Crotalaria pallid (Taiwanese Wild Lily) Flower Essence, Asclepia subalata (Desert Milkweed) Flower Essence, Agave americana (Century Plant) Flower Essence, Agave vilmoriniana (Octopus Agave) Flower Essence, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Essence, Nelumbanucifera (Lotus) Flower Essence.

Spray directly on your face & inhale through your nose. You can even spray it in your mouth (people say that it tastes like bubble gum!)