Royal Tonique - Jasmine Hydrating Mist



1.7 oz

RANAVAT's Royal Tonique Jasmine Hydrating Mist is a super drenching hydrosol crafted from certified organic and steam-distilled Indian jasmine flower - the ultimate hydrator. The gentle sweet scent calms the nerves and lifts spirits for a healthy complexion and a royally-relaxed mind and body.

Works as a toner, masque activator or a moisture-rich hydrator for whenever your skin needs a drink. 

Refreshing and cooling, we love spraying this Jasmine Hydrating Mist whenever we get a chance. Its Jasmine scent is pure and calming, and it refreshes the complexion with a boost of hydration throughout the day or before applying our skincare.

Jasmine - Known for its mood-elevating and calming properties, Jasmine is a fantastic hydrator for the skin and also is known to help with scalp health.

100% USDA certified organic jasmine officinale

Mist generously over clean skin before or after applying your serum to seal in hydration. You can even use it to set your makeup to impart a glowing complexion.