RMS Eye Polish Brush


The RMS Eye Polish Brush was designed by Rose-Marie Swift herself to make blending cream shadows effortless, while extending their wear. The perfectly rounded, elongated brush head is ideal for reaching all angles of the eyelid.

We love this brush because it makes applying cream eye shadows and concealers effortless! The rounded bristles lay down the perfect amount of product and create a seamless, airbrush-like finish. 

This 100% vegan and cruelty free brush is made of the softest, highest-quality synthetic hairs.

Apply your desired amount of RMS Beauty Eye Polish to your brush and press onto eyelid in small, quick strokes to create an even, polished finish. Alternatively, this brush can be used as a concealer brush, especially when spot correcting and targeting delicate areas of the face. Wash at least once a week for optimal product application and to promote healthy skin.