Raw Coconut Cream



1.7 oz

The RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream is a multitasking, lightweight cream that seamlessly removes stubborn makeup, cleanses the face, and moisturizes the entire body. Made from organic coconut oil, the magic of this moisturizer cannot be overstated! This is a must-have for every person's makeup bag.

The RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream is a versatile product and superior makeup remover. A little bit goes a long way while also hydrating and nourishing the skin. For a similar formulation that's great for on-the-go, try the RMS Beauty Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes

*Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil

*Certified Organic

Non-GMO, non-nano, soy free, gluten free, cruelty-free.

Please note: RMS Beauty coconut oil is harvested fresh using a new and modern processing technique making it superior over store bought coconut oils. Many oils, when refined, are stripped of their antioxidants and healing properties, so they can oxidize very fast. For that reason alone, refining oils can be a very tricky process. RMS avoids these refined oils at all costs.

To remove makeup, apply a minimal amount of cream, gently working into the skin to help dissolve makeup. Wipe away with a soft, damp cloth to reveal cleansed and moisturized skin. Use as a body moisturizer (on wet skin, for optimal absorption) to soften dry elbows, knees and shoulders. Allow coconut oil to absorb fully before dressing.

Please note: It's normal for your RMS Beauty raw coconut cream to liquefy at approximately 78-90 F. This will have no negative effect on its quality. During warmer months, the coconut oil will typically remain in liquefied oil until room temperatures drop below 78 F, which will then cause it to solidify once more. You can use it in oil form or refrigerate if desired to keep it in its solid form. Product may leak/spill if it liquifies. Store in upright position.