Whether you’re a die hard beauty fan who loves to stay on top of trends, or you already have your signature look nailed down, we’re always a proponent of mini tweaks to bring new life into your aesthetic. The beauty industry is rapidly changing & growing, new concepts are constantly being introduced to us, especially in the world of Tik-Tok (are you following us, by the way?), and innovation is at an all-time high. From hydrating skincare hacks to the body care craze, there’s a trend to interest everyone. Find out what trends you can expect to reign supreme in 2023...


Pretty girl, soft glam aesthetic

This is essentially a take on a soft glam, very pretty, baby doll look. Similar to the recent Tik-Tok trend, “cold girl makeup” which consists of a heavy hand of blush to get that youthful flush of color from cheek to nose and a glossy shimmer on the lids, the Coquette honors the same flirty & angelic aesthetic. In Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction, he conveys various archetypes that one can embody to increase your magnetic radiance and seduce others. One of the most coveted archetypes is the Coquette, a hyper-feminine, flirtatious yet innocent woman who uses her eloquent charm to get whatever she desires, and this makeup look is an embodiment of that. Think pink cheeks, long fluttery lashes and a soft winged liner.


Refillable Packaging

Sustainability is on the rise, thank goddess. More and more brands are coming out with their version of refillable packaging. Not only is this easy on the environment but easy on us too, making our beauty favorites more cost effective and sans the guilt that comes with throwing out an empty container. We predict that there will be an increase in companies rolling out refillable, eco-friendly packaging in 2023.


Face-Grade Ingredients From Head-To-Toe

In 2022 we witnessed a heavy focus on body care, with the launch of Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Body Serum, two new Agent Nateur body care products and other brands in the space launching unique formulations that include things such as retinol and active ingredients. We absolutely love this trend and cannot express how important it is to tend to our entire body as the beautiful temples that they are, not just our face. Treating the skin on the body with not only hydrating oils, balms and butters, but serums as well. Read more here about total head-to-toe beauty.


Return Of The Smudged Liner & Lived In Makeup

Nostalgia for past times is making a huge resurgence in the beauty world, and this trend brings us back to the Avril Lavigne and Christina Aguileria ‘Dirrty’ era where rockstar chic reigned. We’re seeing a lot of day-after, bedtime eyeliner looks that are oh so perfectly smudged out. We’re coveting a lot of dark liners, deeper lips and smokey eyeshadows. This is super easy to achieve even for those brand new to beauty, and it just gives you that extra edge.


A radiant, angelic highlight

Also known as the ‘glazed’ trend, this became ever popular this past year and we don’t see it going anywhere. Instead of deep bronze highlights, we’re going to see more iridescent, angelic shades that really mimic the look of a glowing, glass-like complexion. Liquid highlighters are ideal to achieve the glowy, luminous aesthetic. The goal is to first have crystal-clear, poreless skin that requires an excellent, hydrating & tightening skincare routine to create that flawless, glass-like complexion. Then, add on beautiful & radiant highlighters on the cheekbones, tip of the nose and tear ducts.


‘Moisture-Sandwiching’ or ‘Skin Flooding’

This is the art of moisturizing like a pro. The premise of this concept is to create a moisture barrier within the skin to lock in your hydrating products and prevent water loss in the cells. Utilizing ingredients that act as humectants such as hyaluronic acid, honey and squalane is key. Hydration is the ultimate key to your most ageless & youthful skin. Hydrated skin is happy, healthy skin. The method involves layering your hydrating skincare products to flood the skin with supple hydration.

Step One: You’ll first go in with your essences. We always recommend the holi (water) and holi (c) combo, because you’re not only infusing the skin with the benefits of vitamin C but the hydrating, toning benefits of the holi (water) essence.

Step Two: Next you’ll layer on your serum. We suggest our best selling serum, the Kypris Antioxidant Dew.

Step Three: Then, you go in with a skincare oil or oil based serum. Tata Harper’s Retionic Nutrient Oil or holi (oil) both work beautifully.

Step Four: Top it all off with a cream or moisturizer. If you’re looking for something more rich, the Ayuna Cream III is absolutely amazing and for something on the lighter side, try the Agent Nateur holi(creme)). Voila, you have your freshest, dewiest & most supple skin!


Show Off Your Sensual Skin

Rose Marie Swift of RMS visited our store in 2022 to host a masterclass, and one of the takeaways that really stuck with us is her teaching of using less skin-concealing complexion products. Her technique consists of less full-face foundation wear, and more spot treating to enhance and accentuate one’s natural complexion. She said that this is one of the biggest beauty mistakes she often sees, covering up one of our most beautiful, sensual assets, our skin. This is where natural complexion products like RMS’s Uncover Up gives us the perfect no-makeup makeup, bare faced look as it truly melts right into the skin to mimic the look of natural skin. The full-face makeup trend has had a major moment in the past few years, but we’re starting to see less and less heavy foundation just for the sake of coverage, and instead, honoring our own complexions and letting that really shine through less makeup. This includes fresh faced makeup looks with less texture and powder, more dew-inducing tinted serums, multi-purpose ‘foundations,” cream based products and of course, a substantial skincare ritual.

Which of these beauty trends will you be partaking in this upcoming year? Let us know over on Instagram, we would love to hear from you! If you’re looking for a new year skincare ritual or revamp to your look and need some guidance on what products to curate and which of these trends might be right for you, we offer complimentary consultations that you can sign up for here.


January 2023

January 2023