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If you're new to the clean beauty industry, welcome here. We invite you to explore & learn what it means to switch your self care practices & your beauty rituals into ones that are more meaningful, that support your body and nourish your skin, from the inside out. 



The traditional beauty industry is dominated by seven multinational corporations worldwide, all of which produce self care products laden with harmful chemicals that are not regulated for safety. The natural beauty industry is here to break traditions and bring us back to honoring our bodies, reconsidering the ingredients that we use & make more beautiful choices that support our bodies, our wellbeing & our planet. 


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The term “Clean Beauty” is a convoluted phrase that is actually unregulated with no set standards. The beauty industry at large is self-regulated, meaning that anyone can claim a product is “clean” with no official oversight. To give you an example, there are brands deemed “clean” at many large retailers that we do not consider on our shelves here at Citrine. Each brand & retailer constructs their own regulations and standards, oftentimes leading to loose ideals as to what a “clean” beauty product entails. Being educated as to what ingredients are actually harmful is so vital to being able to discern which products are best for your health. At Citrine, we are extremely intentional, diligent and mindful when it comes to determining what makes a brand “Clean”. No ingredient is ever overlooked. Here at Citrine, Clean Beauty is defined as high quality, high vibrational products formulated with ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be safe in every aspect.
Natural beauty, clean beauty & green beauty are generally interchangeable terms which are all individually subjective. There is no universally accepted criteria to define this beauty category, however you can rest assured that it’s not going to include the harshest ingredients that have been used in conventional beauty for decades such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates & formaldehyde. The term “non-toxic” also denotes products formulated without toxic ingredients, however this can also be quite misleading as even the most “natural” ingredients can be toxic at high enough doses, including oxygen & water. A product that is labeled “non-toxic” is denoting that it is formulated without ingredients that have been shown to cause adverse health effects. “Toxic” ingredients are deemed as such by organizations such as the Environmental Working Group, which is a great resource to gain further insight on clean beauty definitions. Shopping beauty products that have the USDA Organic Seal means that at least 95% of the product is produced from organic ingredients. Organic, as a general term, means that it’s certified to have grown on soil that has not been farmed with prohibited chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers & pesticides. When you see a product labeled “100% organic” it means exactly that– that all ingredients are organically grown, harvested & processed without artificial chemicals. While opting for organic beauty products is a great idea, it doesn’t mean the product is safe or even toxin free as it can still include other harmful ingredients. Organic does not mean natural, and natural does not mean organic. Obtaining the official USDA certification is very costly, so many smaller brands instead list organic ingredients independently on their packaging. Here at Citrine, we have a curated selection of beauty brands that are smaller businesses, and therefore might not have the organic stamp, but still include organic ingredients. Another, perhaps more impactful term to lookout for is “biodynamic” which indicates ingredients that are farmed with methods that go beyond organic, emphasizing an even more holistic process for your sacred vessel & our planet as well.
From hormone disruption to carcinogenic effects, there is truly a laundry list of the detrimental effects that chemical toxins have on your system, from the inside out. The cumulative usage of your favorite blush may actually be a cumulative exposure to toxins. What we apply on our skin, actually ends up inside of us. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and has such an incredible ability to absorb anything applied topically, but this can also be to our detriment if you’re applying toxic chemicals & ingredients. There is a list of ingredients deemed the “Dirty Dozen” which describe 12 ingredients commonly found in your run of the mill beauty products that should be avoided at all costs. Why? These chemicals have been linked to cancer, developmental delays, neurological issues & a variety of health concerns associated with your endocrine system, from acne to reproductive issues. While it’s important to stay informed, be mindful of the information you consume & don’t allow the fear to take over. We advise that you simply be mindful, listen to your body and your heart and let us help guide you here on your intentional beauty journey.
Not only do we share & sell products that are free of toxic ingredients, but what sets Citrine apart is our commitment to unique, high vibrational & intentionally curated products. Every product is chosen to fit a set criteria by Melissa Lenberg, founder of Citrine. With her unique experience in the beauty industry, she has gained valuable insight & wisdom as to what “natural” or “clean” beauty actually means. She has done the research for you and has only selected brands that are truly worthy of clean beauty integrity. Here at Citrine, you will find only the finest ingredients, innovative brands & best of the best in clean beauty. Every product that is selected here has gone through a rigorous process of testing. Aside from intentionally created products that promote wellbeing, have beautiful application & incredible results, Melissa also curates small & up and coming brands that are sustainable & women owned. View our Citrine Curated page to read more.
Right here! You are absolutely in the right place. We are excited to offer complimentary virtual consultation appointments that will get you off to a beautiful start. Our beauty experts will answer any of your questions & guide you into a customized clean beauty ritual that resonates with you. We encourage you to explore our library of blog posts & articles that give further insight on the vast world of clean beauty for a boost of inspiration & knowledge to make your first clean beauty decisions. Transparency & education are fundamental values of Citrine as we aim to place the power in your hands so that you can make informed decisions on the best beauty products for you & your wellbeing. The curation process here at Citrine is multilayered & of the highest standards, so you can rest assured that you are shopping from a selection of only the finest in luxury clean beauty products that are available worldwide.

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