Hair, throughout history, has had a sacred impact on our divine feminine magnetism & the way we express ourselves. Our hair is a beautiful veil, an outward layer showcasing our personal brand, our vibrancy & sensuality. Hair makes a statement. Having nourished, healthy hair is essential to elevating our allure, boosting our confidence & allowing us to move through the world as the most beautiful & elevated versions of ourselves.

Strong, shiny & luscious hair is something we all lust after. Since our hair is typically an indication of our internal wellbeing, we have the natural inclination to desire beautiful & healthy hair. We know that our diet & what nutrients we consume has a direct impact on how our hair looks, but how can we take steps to improve our hair topically? How can we achieve the appearance of our most luxurious, shiniest & nourished tresses? The answer? A hair serum.


A hair serum is the quintessential hair care product to give you an external treatment that still penetrates deep into each strand & follicle. A hair serum, akin to a serum we use on our faces, is a concentrated treatment product that is designed to address various hair care concerns and to promote overall wellbeing, from the scalp all the way down to the ends. Some hair serums are made specifically to be used as a styling product, helping to effectively soften, smooth, add shine & protect your strands. Other hair serums are targeted treatments that work to strengthen the follicle & promote hair growth for not only longer, but thicker & more voluminous hair.

Our hair is composed of amino acids, proteins that are the building blocks of life. These proteins need to be fed nutrients & sustenance in order to thrive. Hair serums are the perfect solution to topically treat your hair as they work to coat the strands with nourishing, hydrating ingredients that help to elevate the appearance, texture & strength of the hair. Utilizing a hair serum in your beauty rituals is a step you would be amiss to overlook. However, the hair care industry is one of the most hazardous when it comes to our health & wellbeing. Pick up a conventional hair serum and you’ll find a laundry list of harmful chemicals that are destructive & damaging not only to your hair in the long term, but to your entire body in all of its beautiful interconnectedness.


As with skincare & body care products, hair care products also penetrate into the skin, the body's largest organ. Conventional hair serums are sadly formulated with toxic chemicals that can cause breakage, hair loss, scalp infections & honestly, the list goes on and gets worse. The chemicals found in hair serums can directly have an effect on the quality of your hair, yes, but these chemicals go skin deep, getting absorbed into the bloodstream & doing far more damage than you would expect. This information alone is enough to make you dedicated to finding the cleanest… yet effective hair serum on the market.

This is where Citrine comes in. We’ve done all the research, all of the testing and all of the work for you. Citrine’s curation process is a rigorous one that starts off by immediately eliminating ] products that contain the following ingredients...

1. SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate): A more commonly known ingredient that has become infamous for it’s toxicity. Sulfates create a true lather, the foaming experience that consumers associate with a true “clean” feeling. In hair products, this harmful ingredient aggressively strips your natural oils, leaving it dull, dry & prone to breakage in the long run. Another thing to note about this low vibrational ingredient is that it can be contaminated with 1,4 Dioxane, a known human carcinogen. The FDA does not require brands to disclose this contamination on ingredient labels and considers sulfates to be safe to use. This ingredient is banned from our shelves, and we encourage you to ban it from your vanity as well.

2. Silicones: One of the most vindictive ingredients found in hair serums, this shine inducing chemical gives off a short term facade of glossy, sleek hair, when in reality, it’s working overtime to weigh your hair down, preventing your strands from being able to seal in moisture. While they seem to give you that sleek shine, please know that it is only temporary as silicones will pile up on your hair overtime, blocking the follicle which actually leads to hair loss. Often, quick fixes when it comes to beauty & wellness, are just that, quick & easy, neither lasting nor sustainable to the overall health of your cells.

3. Formaldehyde: Another ultra-nasty chemical cultript that is found in many conventional hair serums, used to market ‘smoothing’ & ‘straightening’. Oftentimes keratin treatment serums will contain this ingredient as a preservative and not be legally listed due to its ability to formulate into other compounds. The standard Brazilian Blowout will most likely contain this ingredient so be mindful & aware, despite what your hair technician says. This is a list of ingredients you can look out for that either contain formaldehyde or release it: methylene glycol, DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, diazolidinyl urea, quaternium 15, bronopol, 5-bromo-5-nitro-1,3 dioxane, and hydroxymethylglycinate.

Once we have nixed these harmful chemicals from landing on our shelves, we then go through a selection process that leaves us with a beautiful collection of products that we trust, have tested & that produce outstanding results. The hair care products Citrine carries have a list of only the finest natural ingredients that are approved and that are healing, nourishing, revitalizing, restructuring & overall, beautifully beneficial & enhancing to our beloved tresses.


For safer, cleaner, & profoundly more nourishing products to use on your hair, we have a small yet specially curated selection of hair serums that we highly suggest & recommend. One of our best selling brands, Agent Nateur recently launched two brand new hair serums to their collection of luxury beauty products to pair alongside their top selling Holi (Mane) hair, skin & nails supplement.

This is a gorgeous styling serum that will give your strands that luscious, glossy appearance all while working to heal & repair damaged ends and promote shine. It’s formulated with luxurious oils and unique French silk peptides which are restorative proteins that replenish the hair strands from the inside out. Unlike typical hair serums on the market, this product works to improve the appearance & strength of your hair overtime, leaving your strands continuously softer, silkier and more hydrated than any other product on the market. It contains beautifully moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid & moni oil to target dry, dull & damaged hair and combat frizz. This is such a versatile serum that can be used on wet hair & left to air dry, giving you the sleekest natural tresses, or as a pre-blow out treatment as it acts as a heat protectant as well. It also smells DIVINE.



Also a serum, but on a different mission, this product is an overnight treatment that works to stimulate growth & promote healthy, strong hair starting from the scalp. This product addresses weak, thinning & broken hair, giving it a potent boost of scientifically proven active oils, compounds & proteins that encourage growth. Formulated with Aryuvedic oils that have been used in beauty rituals throughout history to thicken hair, add shine & effectively build volume & density. To use, apply two drops to the scalp and comb through the strands on a night before you’re going to wash your hair. Leave the serum in for a minimum of 8 hours and then wash it out, finishing out your ritual with the Hair(Silk) Peptides.







Melissa's Best Beauty Advice

Melissa's Best Beauty Advice