Melissa's Best Beauty Advice

In divine honor of celebrating my 40th birthday this year, I thought it would be fitting to compile all of my favorite beauty advice, most loved tips & tricks, and spill my best beauty secrets with you. May this inspire you to elevate your beauty rituals and move through life with more intention, beauty & bliss. Let’s get right into it!


I’ve been loyal to wearing a high quality eye cream since I was 18 years old. I will forever remember this first piece of beauty advice I was given by a fabulous French woman that I ran into while working at the Erno Laszlo counter. She advised that I absolutely start using eye cream as soon as possible, and I’ve been wearing one ever since. Eyes are one of the first places that start to show signs of aging, so the more we are preventative in this area, the more our skin will thank us later. Using a really nourishing eye cream that keeps the area hydrated & plump will help to prevent any fine lines from forming and will make the ultimate difference. The more hydration, vitamins & nutrients we can give to our eye area, the better. My personal beauty hack is to use eye cream not only all around the orbital bone of the eye, but also in between the brows where the eleven lines can form & even on the lips.


There’s not a morning you won’t find me without a mask. One of my favorite beauty tips is to indulge in a face mask almost every single morning. The reason why I do this is that it not only takes your skincare routine to the next level with at-home facial results, but it really sets the tone for the day. Taking time to start off your day with a beautiful self care moment really puts you in the mindset of self appreciation & helps elevate the day ahead.

From a skincare standpoint, using masks really helps with cellular turnover, gives your skin an extra dose of nourishing ingredients, and provides targeted results depending on what your skin is experiencing. I love to switch between the masks I use from day to day. If one day I’m using something more detoxifying such as the Kypris Deep Forrest Clay, then the next day I’ll use something more nourishing & hydrating like the Patyka Pro Collagen Lift Mask. When I feel like my skin is looking really dull or lackluster, I’ll reach for an exfoliating mask like the Leahlani Honey Love, so I’m constantly changing it up. By doing this, I’m actually training my skin so that it doesn’t get accustomed to any one mask in particular. Over time our skin builds up a tolerance to products that are used too often, ultimately leading to it becoming less effective. Diversifying my mask selection each morning helps keep my skin in optimal condition and really helps me avoid congestion, keep my pores tight, and keep my skin feeling clear, vibrant and nourished.


Always remember to prioritize a quality night of beauty sleep. Sleep is so vital to not only our physical appearance, but to our overall well being, which as we know go hand in hand. While you’re asleep, your body is restoring itself, regenerating collagen, producing antioxidants, and reducing cortisol. Setting yourself up for the most optimal night of sleep with a nurturing bedtime ritual is key & I just shared some of my favorite bedtime routine ideas on the blog here.

Two of the most important factors for a restful night of beautifying sleep are to one, sleep with a silk pillowcase to ensure that you’re not tugging on your skin all night, and two, to make sure that your mattress, pillows, sheets & bedding, are organic, all natural and sans toxins. Each night we typically spend 6-8 hours regenerating our bodies in our bed, so during that time we’re breathing in whatever’s in the environment. If you have a conventional mattress, unfortunately those fumes are intoxicating your system throughout the night. Investing in natural bedding products, especially a mattress, really makes all the difference. I personally love the company Savvy Rest & have their mattresses throughout my entire home.

They have generously provided me with a discount code to share with all of you. Use code CITRINE20 for 20% off your purchase.


Because we tend to carry so much tension in the face, it’s very important to move that fluid out by stimulating our lymphatic system. This helps drain toxins & loosen the muscles which in turn helps boost collagen production, reduce inflammation, and tighten, tone & contour the face. Creating a ritual that includes facial massage with a face roller, gua sha tool, ice roller or any of the Skin Gym beauty tools is really going to take your skincare to the next level. I highly suggest doing this at least a few times a week since it’s essentially like a workout for our face. Just as movement, working our muscles, and stretching is good for our physical bodies, these actions also benefit our face. However, this often overlooked step in our routines is actually a beauty secret that will keep your skin looking youthful, tight & glowing for years to come. Every night I live for the moment where I can settle in with some essential oils in my diffuser, my frequency music playing, and a moment to myself where I can layer on a lavish face oil & give myself a mini face massage with my gua sha tool. Similarly to the masking, I also rotate between my beauty tools so it depends what mood I’m in. Each of them are outstanding for their own various reasons.


Pro tip-- use your favorite hydrosol (think Ranavat Royal Tonique or any of the Lotus Wei Aura Mists) as a makeup setting spray. Hydrosols are essentially beauty mists loaded with refreshing & hydrating ingredients that the skin loves to drink up. So instead of only using a mist as a toner and limiting its use to my skincare ritual, I take them one step further using them to set my makeup. I also always have at least one in my purse with me to mist on throughout the day. I just love a dewy, fresh complexion, but since I happen to have a naturally drier skin type, this beauty hack is essential & life changing for me. Misting my face with these luxuriously formulated fine mists just gives my skin that ultra-hydrated, luminous finish. Not to mention that anytime you’re misting, you’re really giving yourself a moment of self care, so allow yourself to bask in the indulgent moment.


Lastly, my final and possibly most sacred piece of beauty advice is to establish a ritual that connects you to your highest self. Cultivating a routine that incorporates some type of mindfulness or spiritual practice, whether it’s meditation, journaling or sound healing, will help you better tune into your inner voice, intuition and authority. I highly recommend meditation for taking time to quiet your mind. There are so many different styles of meditation and ways to connect with yourself, so do some exploring and find one that works for you.

Recently, I’ve been really inspired to practice more Kundalini Yoga which has been a profound expander for me & my inner journey. The more we’re able to sit in serenity with ourselves, the more easily we will be able to access those higher vibrational moments of gratitude & bliss. When we take that extra time to go within & experience more elevated emotions, the more we’re able to radiate that inner light that glows within all of us. This leads to a more balanced emotional state and less stress hormones coursing through our bodies, ultimately helping lower inflammation in the body, promoting an overall sense of wellbeing and improving our physical appearance. A mindfulness ritual helps to heighten your baseline mood, activate self awareness, boost confidence & allows us to move through the world with a sense of empowerment….and what is more beautiful than that?

xoxo, melissa