I am heading into August with a full heart & so much gratitude as I’m enjoying a beautiful family vacation in southern California. Nothing feels better than creating summertime memories with my daughter. Summer is definitely in full swing and I want to relish in every last drop of this abundant, fertile season before we head into Fall! How are you celebrating this season? Drop in to yourself & ask how you can invite in more play & pleasure. For me, what really nourishes my soul & brings me deep joy is curating for the shelves here at Citrine, testing out new products, and selecting my favorite picks each month. With that being said, I hope you enjoy my top five favorite products for this August. It is my wish that you gather some inspiration & find some new products to help you continue your summer with the best energy possible. Cheers to life, beautiful!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve officially found my new holy grail foundation. I am ALWAYS on the hunt for that perfect foundation and I can now say that this is an absolute obsession. I was really looking forward to testing this product out & I was NOT disappointed. This is a silky, full coverage foundation that looks completely natural on the skin, melting right into your complexion for that skin-like finish that we’re all after. It’s so creamy, so beautiful & the perfect foundation to really elevate your own natural skin while still covering any discoloration or blemishes. With this, you really only need a small amount of product as it goes a long way! 10/10, you guys! If you need any help with color matching or if you aren’t local to Arizona, please enjoy a complimentary 15 minute virtual consultation. You can register for an appointment here.



This is a newer arrival from Agent Nateur that I’ve been really loving lately. It’s a lash & brow serum that comes with a bristol wand applicator, which is different from most growth serums on the market. This unique feature allows you to use the product as a styling gel for your brows so you can achieve that fluffy, feathered brow look. I love using this in the morning & I constantly get asked if my brows are “laminated”. They’re not, but I’ll take it! The glossy, strengthening serum holds them in place while it also grooms & perfects your lashes. It's deeply nourishing, hydrating, and works to strengthen the hair follicles with a generous list of incredible, innovative ingredients that have been clinically proven to add volume & length. You can use this both day & night to help you achieve lashes & brows of your dreams.



If you’re looking for a subtle yet buildable summer tan without all the toxins that conventional self tanners have, this is your answer! I reach for this every summer when I want a natural glow and some really beautiful, easy-to-use color. This can be considered a dupe for that OG (outdated) Jergens Natural Builder or some of the more trendy self tanning products on the market (many of which are actually extremely harmful to your skin & overall health). So ditch those nasty ingredients and instead, opt for this formula that utilizes nourishing & hydrating ingredients that leave your skin supple, sun-kissed & radiant from head to toe. Unlike the self tanning counterparts on the market, I love this because it doesn't leave behind that kind of funky smell that self tanners are infamous for.



I have been reaching for this serum lately as it gives the skin that ultimate summer glow. The kind of glow that we know we can achieve from a day basking in the sun. While the vitamin D we get from the sun is crucial to our health, we all know the downsides to sun exposure & need to be very mindful of how often we indulge. To mimic the effects of that beautiful vitamin D glow, Ayuna has formulated this innovative serum that prompts our skin to stimulate the natural production of Vitamin D, utilizing a molecular biotechnological component from “Living Stone” Stem Cells. I mean, talk about serious skincare ingredient innovation!

Ayuna always takes their formulations to the next level & there’s really no other brand on the market that sources such a vast, highly advanced & potent source of scientifically proven ingredients that provide such efficacious results. The vitamin D works to improve the microcirculation of the skin, keeping your skin tight & lifted. It also contains bio-sugars that are similar to hyaluronic acid to assist in the production of vitamin D & restoring moisture to the skin barrier. On top of all of that, it contains an incredibly potent antioxidant, Astaxanthin which helps to further protect your skin & prevent premature aging. Overall, this serum imparts the skin with such a luminous radiance. Use in tandem with my favorite mask, Balm[K] for your most flawless complexion!



Pai recently launched two new shades of the Impossible Glow bronzing drops and I have been absolutely loving the Rose Gold shade. These are super multipurpose and can either be mixed into your skincare, your complexion products, or applied directly on top of your makeup. Personally, I like to apply it to the high points of my face underneath my foundation, right after my skincare routine. It gives my skin that really radiant, lit-from-within glow that is really trending right now, also referred to as a “glazed” skin or “glass skin” look. If you’re looking for that extra boost of luminosity in your complexion, I would definitely recommend this as it not only gives a glow, but also nourishes your skin with sea kelp & hyaluronic acid.



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Fresh For Summer

Fresh For Summer