Diffused Glow

Makeup Steph

This beauty look was created using all Jane Iredale products including their newest foundation the Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation. We strive to show you all how green/clean beauty can be just as glam as conventional cosmetics, if not more! And you aren't harming your skin in the meantime. This new foundation sets nicely onto the skin and dries down to a beautiful matte finish. Since it does oxidize when it dries down, you'll want to make sure you have professional shadematch you! Keep scrolling to see this gorgeous makeup look and a tutorial on how to achieve it!


Moisturize and prime the face. We like to let our skincare and primers absorb into the skin while we are doing our eye makeup. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, apply the Canvas Smooth Affair Eye Primer all over the eyelid up to the crease and make sure it's blended well.


Using the shadow Crease Brush from Jane, apply the light gold shade all over the eyelid and fade up into the crease softly. To soften the gold, use the lightest shade in the Jane Iredale Purepressed Eyeshadow Palette and pop some on the tear duct of the eye and on the middle of the lid of the eye. Having 2 highlights helps give some dimension to lighter shades.


Now, we need to start deepening the lash line! Use the Basic Brown eye pencil at the lash line. Keep the line thinner on the inner side of the eye and once you pass the pupil make the line fuller towards the end of the eye. Use the angled shadow brush to blend the liner for a more sultry look instead of a harsh line. Next, deepen right at the lash line with the Basic Black eyeliner for more drama! This step will also help you blend in the false lashes.


For one last blend, add the deepest shade from the Jane Iredale Purepressed Eyeshadow Palette over the eyeliner and blend it up on the outer corner of the eye. Then apply one more layer of the Basic Black eye pencil to ensure your lash line is dark enough. Next, curl your lashes, prime them with the Jane Iredale Purelash Extender & Conditioner and add depth and volume with the Longest Lash Black Ice mascara.


Onto adding the false lashes! Peel the lash from the container, with a pair of tweezers hold the lash up to your lash line and decide how much you need to trim off. Using a pair of scissors cut off the small piece of plastic in the front then always trim your length off from the outer corner of the lash. Using the Battington Lash glue, glide a full even coverage of the glue over the lash band. Let glue sit for 30 seconds then look down into a hand mirror and gently place the lash at the lash liner. Press your natural lashes into the false lash until you have the placement and hold that feels best for you!


If you've experienced any fall out from the shadow you can use a moisturizer and a tissue to remove that before doing the next step. Now that the eye is finished, apply your brow pencil and create your desired shape! The brow pencils pack a ton of pigment and the smaller shape makes it easier to create a more natural brow. Top it off with the clear brow gel to set the hair and then using a flat eyeshadow brush and the Active Light Under Eye concealer on the brow bone under the brow to clean up and sharpen your brow shape.


Now we are ready for skin! Start by highlighting under the eye and in the t-zones using the Active Light Under Eye concealer. Once that's done, it's time to apply the new Jane Iredale Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation! Using the small foundation brush, start applying a thin layer in the t-zones and blend out to the outer area of the face. This foundation has a sheer to medium coverage with a matte finish. It sets quickly so we recommend applying this foundation in layers to achieve your desired coverage. No need for a setting powder!


Now we need to add color to the complexion. We bronzed using the So Bronze 01 bronzer with a large fluffy brush. We applied this to the top of the forehead, around the cheekbones, and along the jawline. Then using a blush brush, we applied the Copper Wind Purepressed blush to the highest point of the cheek then blended it back towards the hairline and forward towards the apple of the cheek. Using the same brush, highlight the cheekbone using the Moonglow Quad Bronzer/highlight powder. Finally, set everything with the D2O Hydration Spray


Now that the look is almost complete, we need to add a gorgeous nude lip. We used the Spice lip liner pencil paired with the Molly Triple Luxe lipstick for the perfect beige nude. We topped it off with one of the clear glosses on the end of a liquid lipstick. And voila! You are summer beauty ready.


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