Your all-encompassing guide to indulgent self care & the celebration of you, the Goddess that you are.

Everyday is a sacred opportunity to honor yourself through indulgent practices that serve your being. Self care and self love are synonymous and truly are the cornerstone of awakening your highest embodiment and true essence. We are so blessed to have these beautiful vessels that we get to cherish, worship, adore & adorn. Part of coming home to yourself, accessing and activating your divine feminine flow & highest potential, is to treat yourself like the luxurious treasure that you are. Doing this through your grooming rituals is one of the simplest ways to dive deeper into the concept of ‘self care’ and awaken a sense of reverence for yourself.


A key aspect of any self care moment or any day for that matter, is to create an ambiance for your space. This sets the tone in your environment, wherever you are, and is going to get your energy aligned with whatever you’re seeking to call in or be surrounded with. For example, when I sit down to get work done, I want to create a supportive environment that activates focus. I set the mood with some solfeggio frequencies (528 Hz helps with concentration & reduces stress) while I light a Heretic candle & make sure I have a beautiful & nourishing drink to spark creativity. If you’re looking to set the mood for a sensual evening at home with yourself or a lover, opt for the Campo Diffuser and diffuse the Love Essential Oil, light some candles & put on some soft jazz, SZA or whatever vibey music gets you in the mood. This helps to engage your senses & give your space dimension. Even the simple act of taking time to set your space up tells yourself that you are worthy of experiencing the finest.


Developing a relationship with our bodies isn’t the easiest. Over the years, we’ve been wrongfully taught to criticize our forms, constantly critiquing and shaming ourselves for the way we look in the mirror. We often don’t even feel comfortable in our own bodies. Sadly, most women can attest to this feeling. It’s time to break that paradigm, smash the outdated thought patterns and reframe our minds to see the truth. The truth is that you are perfect, more than beautiful, more than worthy, more than sexy and more than enough. An amazing way to cultivate this sense of respect and love towards your body is by creating a self care ritual from head-to-toe.

Start off with a beautiful cleansing shower. Personally, I like to shower off first, wash my body, shave and do a mini aura cleanse under the running water. If I have time after showering, I like to draw a warm bath and take a moment to just luxurate and feel the magic of being held by water. Treat yourself to rose petal epsom salts or the ultra-decadent Agent Nateur holi (bath), you can even add some rose petals, a crystal and pour yourself a pretty drink. The message is to be really intentional during your cleansing process, however you choose to get clean. Feeling fresh and pristine gives you renewed energy and is so important not only on a physical level, but an energetic level as well.

It may seem time consuming or excessive at first, but curating a more extensive body care ritual is going to rewire your system to understand that you come first and therefore create a deeper bond with yourself. Going the extra mile and giving the skin on your entire body devoted care makes all the difference. I suggest starting with exfoliation, either before you cleanse using a dry brush to get lymphatic drainage going, or in the shower with an exfoliating wash. The new Agent Natuer holi (wash) is formulated with lactic acid to gently resurface the skin, which I’ve been loving lately. The Patyka Marine Crystals Revitalizing Body Scrub is another favorite of mine.

Post exfoliation, go in with your choice of treatment products; from oils to butters and serums to creams. The ideal order of operations is similar to how you layer skincare on your face, and that includes starting with a serum, Tata Harper Resurfacing Body Serum being the current favorite. Follow up with an oil to seal in the benefits from the serum, and as the final step, go in with your hydrating body butter or lotion to lock in all that moisture. One of the beauty trends that we are seeing creep up more and more, is the use of face-grade ingredients in body care products. These active ingredients allow us to get elevated benefits for our bodies, not just for our faces. If you want to dive in deeper with more tips & tricks on treating your body from head to toe, read more here.

Now that you’re a fresh, clean, supple, glazed goddess...


It’s time to truly awaken your inner goddess and that radiance that comes from being in tune with yourself, your yoni, your sensuality & your pleasure. Que the self care products for the vagina. The entire Ladysuite collection is a beautiful place to start. Each product is ultra-delicate, pure and nourishing, with a focus on healing pre and probiotics.

The Ladysuite Intimate Refreshing Cleanser is a best seller here at Citrine and really gives you that pretty, fresh feeling, while helping to combat & cleanse any disharmonic toxins, odors, discomfort etc. Their Rejuvenating Botanical Oil is this lush, silky, hydrating, multi-use product that leaves your vulva area super soft & helps with skin tone to even & brighten, all while soothing the skin from any irritation you may experience.

On a side note, unrelated to personal care products, but still very aligned on this topic, is a book that I recently finished. Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer awoke within me a revitalized understanding of the divine feminine and how to access it by honoring & opening up to your own yoni. Creating a sacred moment to really nurture yourself with these mini self love luxuries brings us back to the message of intentional presence when it comes to self care and the connection that is forged. Treating yourself, your gorgeous body and all of her sacred parts is how we begin to curate this more nourishing, wholesome understanding of what it means to love ourselves and to ignite that true luminosity that we all inherently are.

Another iconic favorite is the Agent Nateur holi (sex)... and my GODDESS is this product divine. From the absolutely intoxicating scent to the velvety texture, this is a delicate, multipurpose oil that can be used from head-to-toe that’s formulated to be a warming, personal lubricant. It not only hydrates, but relieves dryness that women can experience down there, while replenishing natural moisture. This is a product to elevate that sensual connection that you have with yourself first and foremost, and then is to be used with a partner as well!

Playing around with products like this opens us up and connects us with what turns us on. When we are truly turned on, we can show up in our lives with more vibrancy, more energy… even a better quality of energy. We start to gain a real sense of self, a more unshakable confidence, and most importantly, we begin to experience more pleasure. Believe it or not, igniting your own sacred & divine feminine energy actually starts right here, in your body. Discovering what lights you up can be learned by being in touch with what physically turns you on. This is a lifelong journey and relationship with yourself, so we may as well make it as juicy, abundant, playful & blissful as possible.


You absolutely deserve to be treated like the goddess that you are, so begin by rewarding yourself, indulging, celebrating your wins and reminding yourself how proud you are. Whether your joy stems from dancing in the living room naked, spending 2 hours in the bath or escaping to your favorite yoga class, find it and allow yourself to experience it. Daily. Write yourself a love letter, create a personal mantra to empower yourself throughout your week, make yourself those chocolate-covered strawberries and buy yourself that bouquet of roses. You are beauty-embodied, so start acting like it.




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February is the perfect time to dive into your self love practices, lean into gratitude, really appreciate every second you are blessed with & bask in the beauty that’s around and within you.