May Lindstrom

Can you walk us through your current morning routine?

My redness and sensitivity-inclined skin loves alternating between big power and big calm, so what I do in the morning often depends on how I have cared for my skin the evening before. 

If it was a night for a full treatment mask with The Problem Solver (I get this one on at least 2-3x/weekly — it’s that good!), my morning may be just a quick rinse with warm water or a generous mist of The Jasmine Garden followed by The Blue Cocoon and The Youth Dew. 

If my nighttime was a super simple routine or got skipped for any reason (sometimes a mist of The Jasmine Garden and a touch of The Blue Cocoon is really all that’s needed), it’s likely I’ll again reach for The Problem Solver the next day to balance everything out. 

Every 2-3 days in the shower (I pair exfoliation with shampoo days so I never forget), I’ll call in The Clean Dirt to bring energy and blood flow and to clear out any dullness, congestion, or flakiness. It’s pretty incredible, and the steamy shower softens and preps skin perfectly for the release of dead cells. It also allows you to take this treatment all the way down down the neck and chest, over any rough spots on the backs of arms, anywhere and everywhere that feels good. 

If skin is feeling like it needs a little extra oomph, I might add a dollop of The Honey Mud right into The Clean Dirt’s fizzing mousse (a few pumps of The Pendulum Potion for additional nourishment and protection is gorgeous too, and the aromatics of this blend are insane). 

Mornings are also wonderful for The Honey Mud. This pudding-like treatment doubles as a plumping and reviving mask (smoothed richly over clean, dry skin) and a silky milky, divinely aromatic cleanser (when massaged into wet skin). It's my absolute favorite cleanse for mornings when I'm not doing either The Clean Dirt or The Problem Solver. 

Finally, you can’t skip the body. Our largest and most vulnerable organ needs care, too! Before exiting the shower or bath, I’ll massage The Happy Galaxy from the toes to all the way up my neck and chest. This vitamin-infused cerulean blue potion feeds and protects every cell with a plethora of gentle actives and hero humectants, its joyous and effervescent aroma delighting from head to toe. 

What does your skincare regimen look like right now?

Mornings might be as simple as a mist with The Jasmine Garden, and The Blue Cocoon swept over the eye area and lips as I run out the door, or they could be a layering of feel good – masking with The Problem Solver, exfoliating with The Clean Dirt, dipping into The Honey Mud, or slowing down for a steamy ritual with The Pendulum Potion. 

Nights follow suit. I don’t replicate the same series of steps day in and day out. I look to my skin to lead, determining from my own touch and sensation whether it’s time to clear out (releasing makeup, sunscreen, sweat, environmental buildup, etc) or feed in (the nourishment that stays - your moisturization and hydration), calm everything down, or call in extra energy. 

What are the top three beauty products you would take with you on a desert island? 

If I could only choose three, I’d do one treatment (The Problem Solver) plus the best possible skin food for both face (The Blue Cocoon)  and body (The Happy Galaxy). 

The Problem Solver comes in an intentionally huge jar (250 ml!!), forever inspiring masking beyond just my face to neck, chest, full back, armpits, even feet! The BEST. Hopefully my time on the island is brief, but this would cover me for so many purposes - cleansing, masking, exfoliating, and bringing some real ritual and pleasure to the experience - maybe island time gets to feel like vacation after all! 🏝

The Happy Galaxy holds all the bounty, moisturizing, soothing, and protecting your desert-dry skin over every precious inch. Massage directly into wet skin after a dip in the ocean. (you could even smooth a few drops through your hair for extra protection!)

And The Blue Cocoon - this one is IT. My true #1. I won’t go anywhere without it. Beyond being the most incredible moisturizer of all time, there is nothing in the world I’ve experienced to be better for dehydrated, sun-parched, overexposed, pissed off skin. Got a burn? You need this. My twice-daily personal favorite impresses as a powerful rescue hero in times of major skin distress. 

If you had to recommend three products from your line to any newcomers to your brand, what would they be and why?

If you were entering our world for the very first time - and I otherwise knew absolutely nothing about you - I would have you begin with The Youth Dew, The Blue Cocoon, and The Jasmine Garden.

I use these three together as my complete moisturizing system every single day. They are foundational in our ritual and nearly always where I’d have someone start or expand with us.

Got your hydration and moisturization covered?

Bring in a treatment - either The Problem Solver or The Clean Dirt, or both, depending on what else you have happening in your unique skin and current routine. (reach out if you ever need help deciding)

From here, it’s all about simplifying the rest of your ritual and really focusing on 1. consistency 2. technique. You don’t always need MORE. Sometimes you just need more attention to what you already have.

Feeling all dialed in and ready to play beyond the foundation?

Then go get what DELIGHTS you.

The Honey Mud! The Pendulum Potion! The Happy Galaxy! What you’re most EXCITED to get on your skin. That’s what’s really going to get your hands to body, and this changes everything.

What was your intention behind creating your brand? 

We are a love company. 

Our mission is simple. We seek to feed your every sense and nourish your every inch, transforming your cleansing routine into a sacred space to lean into your own extraordinary care.

Ingredients are our foundation. They are quite literally what we are made of. We are obsessive in our commitment to ensure that each precious component within our formulas is grown and harvested ethically, processed in a way that honors the integrity of that particular plant’s unique nature, and is of the unparalleled quality upon which we insist.

And that’s just the beginning. Each small batch is lovingly blended in our private Los Angeles kitchen lab by our dedicated team. Every hyper-fresh bottle and jar is labeled with its unique birthday before being shined to perfection and whisked away to its lucky recipient.

From seed to soil to light-protective bottle, ours are the hands behind every step of our intimate process. We are proud to be a fully independent, 100% client-supported family business with entirely in-house operations. This is us, hands extended, offering to you what we believe is the most delightful, nourishing, skin-transforming experience we could dream up. 

We hope to be the catalyst that guides you back home to pleasure, comfort, and connection in your skin and we simply cannot wait to welcome you into our community and to the sensorial feast that has been our special little world here since 2011.

How has this brand changed your life? 

I have been making potions from plants since I was a small child. This was my first language. Skin has been a primary subject of study and passionate exploration for most of my lifetime — I began working on the first four formulas of our inaugural collection for May Lindstrom Skin (we launched with The Youth Dew, The Problem Solver, The Clean Dirt and The Youth Dew) when I was just 25. 

Now at 41, I can zoom out and see that the slow and steady and deeply intentional building towards this brand over decades has been the very foundation of my life. This is my whole world and I’m deep in it. 

My days are filled with a thousand decisions and tasks around everything from ingredient sourcing to newsletter writing, checking in on client emails and dm’s, our social community and partners. I wake up and think of all of you and go to bed thinking of all of you. It is forever the honor of my life to do what we do here, in the very special way we do it. 

What is the most recent wellness practice that you've gotten into and how do you implement it into your daily routine?

I love the tingly feeling of dry brushing before hopping into a shower and try to do this at least a couple times a week. 

Sometimes I forget and I’m already wet and then the morning gets even better. 

I’ll reach instead for The Clean Dirt and The Honey Mud, blending extra generous portions of both together with our treatment brush and bowl, and then (after rinsing and softening skin thoroughly) just sit myself right down on the shower floor. I’ll scoop a portion of the fizzing, moussy treatment blend out of the bowl and into my hands, massaging over forehead, down the face and neck, armpits, then more and more to keep on going until I’ve loved up my whole body with the spicy-tingly-aromatic mud. 

This feels DELIGHTFUL. 

After rinsing, you’ll feel like a new human. And after The Happy Galaxy that comes next? You might just turn into a lightbeam of joy. Welcome to entirely new sensations in your body! 

Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next five years?

Since 2011, we’ve carried the same simple promise: Better with every batch. 

It is very rare that we do “new” products or change much here in a way that’s very visible. But what’s happening behind the scenes is all about putting action behind our intentions. We are here to share the very best, without compromise. From seed to soil, the relationships with our growers, every hand involved in the delicate process of procuring our impeccable raw materials, the intimate work of our internal team blending and filling and birth-dating fresh bottles on their way off to you. 

We are small on purpose, intensely particular on purpose, and I’d say we’re pretty obsessed with delivering an incredibly special experience. When I look five years out, it’s not big and flashy and sexy. It’s our same small and mighty team standing here, executing with impassioned persistence the twenty two thousand tiny and important choices we’ll make between now and then that embody who we are. Over and over and over again. 

What is one beauty hack you've recently been introduced to that you'd like to share?

Not a recent addition (I’ve done this forever) - BUT - Sweep The Blue Cocoon under the eye area as soon as you wake, ahead of your morning routine, to begin to melt away the night and bring immediate comfort to this delicate area, reducing puffiness and delivering life right out of the gate. Makes a HUGE difference to the overall health of the eyea area. And do your lips too! You can even line the inside of your nostrils - feels amazing and so protective, especially with dry heat and when flying on an airplane. 

What is the best beauty advice you've ever received? 

My mama always told me to shine my inner light bright. When I remember to really feel this, to hold awareness of that inner twinkle and to honor it, it beams out ahead of me and I feel like I’m sparkling beyond the skin. And that feeling? That’s the real beauty. 

Tell us what inspires you most about your brand. 

All day, every day, our inboxes spill over with your stories. Skin is incredibly personal, lined with nerves and sense receptors and infused with the many stories of our lives. To be able to touch this - through our formulas, words, and work in this world… I’ll never get over the immense intimacy of what we get to hold here and I am forever and ever grateful to be entrusted with your care. 


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