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When it comes to skincare, we tend to spend so much time and attention on our faces and easily end up neglecting the skin on our bodies. Over the past few years, there’s been a major focus on elevated body care, from introducing body treatments with face-grade ingredients to body brushing and even intimate care. I noticed that for myself, when some of the exciting body treatments started to come out, I began to reframe my entire body care routine, really turning into a self-care & self-love ritual if you will. The new developments in body care really inspired me to take my body care to the next level and I haven’t looked back since!

I really believe in utilizing the time you spend on your everyday grooming as an opportunity to cultivate rituals, anchor into your energy and generally just spend some true time alone with yourself, your skin and your body. Taking the extra moment to be super intentional and mindful when you’re applying products, especially on your body, gives you a deeper connection to self and can even elevate your self image. Turning your body care into something sacred really enhances the experience. Let’s get right into what body products I’m currently coveting.


This step is a must, if you want to have really silky, smooth skin. Using either a dry brush and/or a body scrub is going to slough off dead skin cells and help cellular turnover. Body brushing is a great way to stimulate your body’s lymphatic system to help release toxins, stagnant energy and help to polish your skin at the same time. Exfoliating is going to help keep your body and skin detoxified and rejuvenated.


I’ve been rotating between a few different body cleansers lately and my top three favorites right now are the new Fitglow Cloud Body Wash, the Kosas Good Body Skin Juicy Clean & the Jack Henry Cleanse+ Body Wash. The new Fitglow has a velvety texture and is ultra-hydrating, so I love to use this when shaving as it really gives you that extra slip. It’s rich in ceramides, fatty acids & minerals so I know I’m getting a really nourished wash that isn’t stripping to the skin at all. I reach for the Kosas after a workout or long day out in the sun because it’s a bit more exfoliating with AHAs & fruit enzymes.


I am such a fan of using a body oil, I almost can’t live without this step. I tend to be more on the drier side so I really rely on this extra dose of moisture and I really love the process of dousing my skin in a really beautiful oil. It feels luxurious and it’s that little added indulgence I need at the end of my day. I also rotate between the Agent Nateur holi (body) and the Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil. I love the Agent body oil because it has a really velvety, silky texture and feels like a serum and oil, in one. I know that it’s infusing my skin with nutrients and ingredients that actually fight cellulite and work to resurface the skin from head-to-toe. My skin feels super soft, very tight and supple after using it. I reach for the Tata body oil when I’m feeling more dry as the hydration it gives is really incomparable. If I’m going out, on a date or somewhere special, I love to use one of the Leahlani body oils because they have such decadent scents that really last. I’ve been layering the Dirty Peach fragrance over the Mahana Body Oil and it’s such a gorgeous, summer combination.


Adding a serum into my body care routine has been an absolute game changer. The Tata Harper Resurfacing Body Serum has been a holy grail body product for me since it came out. It’s a gentle exfoliant formulated with face-grade botanical ingredients and actives that help to stimulate skin cell renewal. This immediately sloughs off any texture I may have and leaves my skin feeling so silky smooth and baby soft. I can feel an instantaneous difference and love to use this before a date night, event or beach day.


Don’t forget the hand cream! The delicate skin on our hands, which are always exposed, are the first to show signs of aging. To avoid that, one of the universal rules of skincare is to keep your skin hydrated. Hydrated cells are youthful cells and the more you can really replenish the skin’s barrier and avoid transepidermal water loss, the more vibrant, supple and youthful your cells are going to be. Keep your hands as hydrated as possible by reapplying hand cream throughout the day. My go-to is the best selling Patyka Hands + Nail Cream. It’s the perfect nourishing, fortifying cream to give my hands that silky, velvety finish. Pro tip, apply any body or face oil to your cuticles for that extra dose of hydration & flawless, polished nails!

Taking extra time to tend to my body & go in with a lengthier routine is just one of the many ways I indulge in self care. It has definitely helped me connect to my body on a deeper level, have more compassion and gratitude for myself, and overall feel more radiant in my own skin. Don’t forget to tell yourself how beautiful you are.


August 2023

August 2023