Our hair regimen is often overlooked when making the switch to natural products. Since most people do not wash their hair everyday, they often believe that a few chemicals here and there probably aren't that bad for their body. Unfortunately, shampoo and conditioner can be home to some of the most harmful chemicals out there. When you add in the coloring and styling products- that is a significant amount of chemical exposure that should have you thinking it's probably time to green!


SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate): This ingredient has been used in many personal care products to create that foaming action that many consumers associate with “truly clean.” It can be found in shampoo, toothpaste, laundry detergent, etc. Alone it causes moderate health concerns. However, according to many studies, this ingredient can be contaminated with 1,4 Dioxane, a known human carcinogen. The FDA does not require brands to disclose this contamination on ingredient labels.

PEG (Propylene Glycol): Most commonly used as an antifreeze, in consumer products this ingredient is used to absorb water and de-ice solutions including chemicals, food, and pharmaceuticals. It is known to absorb into skin and cause irritations such as dermatitis, rashes, and allergies.

Tricolsan: This ingredient is added to cosmetics to prevent bacteria contamination It is found in shampoo, body wash, antibacterial soap, but it also can be found in consumer goods like kitchenware and furniture. There have been many studies regarding the safety of this item, and links have been found to hormone disruption, antibiotic resistance, and even skin cancer when it is also exposed to UV rays.

Quaternium 15: A hot topic in recent times, this preservative is considered highly dangerous and is considered not safe in cosmetics by The European Union. It is a formaldehyde releasing agent. Depending on the length of exposure- more serious reactions and symptoms may occur. Its important to keep in mind, this toxin goes by a variety of names so there is no substitute for being an informed consumer!

Natural shampoo is a difficult switch for some because years of using detergent heavy shampoos leave the hair stripped, they fear natural shampoo will not feel as clean. One of the major reasons we love Innersense is because it truly works like a traditional shampoo and conditioner. Hair and scalp is left clean without being stripped by harsh detergents. The botanical infused conditioning properties give hair a shine that is full of life and an incomparable softness! Innersense also offers a variety of styling products to help hair and scalp heal and find balance. One of our top selling products, Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner, can replace a variety of chemical-laden styling products including detangler, leave-in conditioner, and dry shampoo!