Play, pleasure, celebration, joy, gratitude and of course, indulgence are all hallmarks of the holiday season. We’re all guilty of treating ourselves to decadent desserts, one two many glasses of wine & a few late nights resulting in less than perfect sleep. It’s the nature of letting ourselves live a little… or a lot. With the excess sugar, starches & alcohol, our system takes a toll, affecting our mood, our wellbeing & our skin. We asked Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Kayla Eckart to give us the lowdown on how sugar affects your skin if you want to dive deeper here. As a result of your sugar intake, you might experience puffiness & breakouts due to inflammation, dark circles, or even intense dryness. However, don’t stress yourself out… the damage can be repaired with a nourishing detox ritual to rid your body of harmful toxins, bring your system back to optimal health & get your glow on just in time for the fresh new year that awaits...


First up, we’re going to want to replenish our system from the inside out. Starting with the obvious, drink your fluids. Make sure you’re getting adequate hydration from water. We love to add a few drops of trace minerals into our water to get a boost of nutrients that get depleted when we’re overindulging. Many of us are actually deficient in trace minerals, so it’s a great habit to add to your usual ritual. Trace minerals support your blood system, ensure proper neurological function & health growth of hormones.


Sugar & alcohol both break down collagen which is why after splurging, we experience less than supple skin. To assist your body in producing collagen, we suggest taking our best selling supplement, holi (mane). This is a marine collagen and salt water pearl powder supplement that can be added to your tea, smoothie, or water as it’s completely tasteless. Collagen works to coat the lining of the gut which supports the digestive system & your immunity, which is often compromised during holiday party season. The salt water pearl has been using a detoxifying agent for thousands of years in ancient Chinese medicine. It has a high concentration of magnesium which helps to reduce inflammation and elevate our gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) levels. Having properly functioning GABA levels is going to lead to more restful sleep, a better mood & overall help your body & mind restore itself after a long night.

In addition to amping up your fluid intake, it’s KEY to add foods into your diet that contain high levels of water. Eat your water is the motto. This includes fresh produce such as cucumber, watermelon, peppers, peaches & apples. When you consume foods that are rich in water, your body actually absorbs the hydration at a faster rate and retains it, as opposed to just drinking a glass of water. If you’re looking to really replenish your hydration levels, reach for these beautiful fruits & vegetables to revitalize yourself at a deep, cellular level. Your skin will thank you!


Now that you’re nourished & hydrated from within, it’s time to go in with the skincare. Overindulgence in treats, drinks & late nights can severely dehydrate your skin, so you’re going to want to treat it with gentle care. Opt for a gentle oil cleanser to gently introduce moisture back into your complexion. We love the Patyka Remarkable Oil Cleanser followed by their Cleansing Perfection Foam to ensure that you’re removing all dirt, debris & makeup. Get all that extra glitter off, girl.

Next up, treat yourself to a true self care moment with a face mask. Depending on what your skin is experiencing, you can curate a targeted treatment for yourself. If you’re experiencing breakouts or feel that your skin is congested, the Tata Harper Clarifying Mask will help purify your pores and restore balance while still infusing it with nutrients. If you are super dry, flakey, irritated and need a total boost of moisture, the Kypris Cerulean is a super skin quenching mask that will bring that suppleness back to your complexion instantly. If you wake up super puffy and need to drain any excess fluid, you can reach for the Ayuna Plasma. This is essentially lymphatic drainage in a jar. It’s a plasma treatment mask that literally flushes & drains excess fluid from the face with a host of innovative ingredients that are breakthroughs in skincare. This is a product like nothing else on the market and gives instant contouring results, relieving any puffiness and removing all those built up toxins.

Follow up by layering your hydration products. We suggest that you go in with a vitamin C product; we love the combination of the holi (water) and holi (c) as a holy grail hydration duo that we can’t recommend enough. Next, layer the Kypris Antioxidant Dew serum for that real, skin quenching boost of serious hydration. Follow up with a nourishing skin oil such as holi (oil) or Ayuna’s Cellular Oil. By layering products onto your skin, also known as ‘sandwiching’ your skincare, you’re creating a high functioning skin barrier that prevents water loss. Finally, to seal the barrier and really lock in the moisture, add on a rich cream. We love Tata Harper’s Crème Riche or Ayuna’s Cream III. If you are more acne-prone, reach for the new Agent Nateur holi (crème) which is lightweight, yet still ultra hydrating. It smells incredible, with fresh cucumber... Exactly what the skin doctor called for after your holiday party excursions.


Your lymphatic system is responsible for removing toxins from the body & blood, so post-holiday parties, you’re going to want to optimize your lymphatic system through stimulation. Flush out excess toxins & drain fluid from your complexion by giving yourself a mini facial massage. Start by tapping your fingers just below the collarbone, where your thymus gland lies. This stimulates the release of white blood cells and opens the lymphatic system to create more cleansing cells. You can either massage with your hands or choose a beauty tool that encourages lymphatic drainage, such as the Pink Balls Facial Massager or the new Cryo Toning Tools.

We’ve been really loving the Cryo Toning Tools lately & as they are the perfect rehab tool to utilize after a holiday night out. Not only are these tools specifically designed to stimulate the lymphatic system to relieve puffiness and help contour, tone and lift, but the cold therapy works to stimulate microcirculation in the skin, increases collagen production and help with vascular constriction which shrinks the pores and gives the appearance of a supple, glass-like complexion. The icy temperature is going to reduce inflammation and repair the skin at a cellular level. You also can't go wrong with a classic ice roller and our top pick is the Hot Mess Ice Roller which is like the Rolls Royce of ice rollers.

Don’t forget that the entire body can also benefit from the practice of lymphatic drainage. If you’re so inclined to treat yourself and have the resources and time to do so, you could go in for a lymphatic drainage massage. Otherwise, we can all stimulate the lymphatic system of our entire body at home with a combination of a Beautology Dry Brush and The Skinny Confidential Le Spoon . Dry brushing gets the blood flow circulating & releases any stagnant energy held in the layers of the skin. It helps to keep your skin detoxified and the blood that’s brought to the surface helps your skin appear more supple & healthy.


Finish off your ritual with LED light therapy. We have the Skin Gym Wrinklit LED Mask or the Theraface Pro tool that has 4 different LED light attachments that you can use. Red light is going to help boost collagen production which helps treat fine lines and wrinkles, help repair cells and reduce inflammation. Blue light is also very anti-inflammatory, helps to reduce redness and is antibacterial, making it the ideal choice if you’re suffering from post-holiday party breakouts.

Bathing with epsom salts is one of the most profound ways to cleanse your body of excess toxins. Not only do salts physically draw out stagnation, epsom salts also work on an energetic level to purify your aura and help release emotions, external energies, and purify your entire being. We also love the holi (bath) because it contains magnesium which is great at soothing the muscles and relieving inflammation. It smells divine and gets you in that really luxurious, calm & nurtured state of being where you can just relax, reflect on your year, and embody your inner goddess. It’s also formulated with rose which helps to activate & open the heart chakra, plus coconut milk to hydrate the skin.

Lastly, a good detox is nothing without some movement. Get your body going, whether it’s a brisk walk, a yoga class or even a short Kundalini practice at home. Exercise gets your blood pumping and brings life force vitality back into your body, which will then reflect onto your skin. Any movement that gets you breathing deeply and breaking a little sweat, all helps to release toxins. The more your blood gets circulated throughout the body, the easier it is for your lymphatic system and your organs to properly detox. Get outside or get moving and enjoy the mental benefits that come with it.




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