Beard Oil


This natural & organic beard oil brings out the best in your beard with conditioning oils that soften the beard and give it shine, while also moisturizing the skin under the beard to prevent itchiness and flakes. A refreshing blend of essential oils leave your face and beard smelling amazing.

This beard oil not only smells crisp & fresh, but softens and conditions, keeping the bear full, thick and healthy. The lightweight formula won't leave your beard greasy or heavy. 

Jojoba Oil*,​ Coconut Oil,​ ​Hazelnut Oil,​ ​Grapeseed Oil,​ Aloe,​ Castor Seed Oil*,​ Argan Oil*,​ Rosehip Seed Oil*,​ Lavender Oil,​ Eucalyptus Oil,​ Peppermint Oil,​ ​Vitamin E,​ Algae Extract, Glycerin,​ Rosemary Extract*,​ ​Green Tea*
​*Certified Organic

Pour 2-3 drop into your hand, then massage them upward into your bear, making contact with the skin beneath. Apply 1-2 times a day as needed to refresh your beard.