This lymphatic dry brush from Beautology Labs is designed to stimulate the lymphatic system and provide optimal lymph flow and drainage in order to eliminate toxins. An ancient wellness technique, dry brushing helps to exfoliate the skin, eliminate toxins, boost circulation, unclog pores and energize the body, revealing smooth, healthy, glowing skin.

Travel bag included for your skin wellness ritual on-the-go. 


We love this ergonomically designed brush to stimulate lymphatic drainage, exfoliate the skin, increase circulation and leave our skin soft, smooth and glowing.

Natural grass wood and cruelty-free boar bristles. 

Use on dry skin before your bath or shower. Starting at your feet, gently brush upwards towards your heart in small strokes or circular motions. Work your way up through your lower body towards your arms, abdomen, chest and back. Brush for 3-5 minutes daily to boost detox, lymphatic drainage and reveal smooth, glowing skin. 

To clean, tap brush on hard surface to remove debris. Keep dry at all times.