Hair Clay


Jack Henry's award winning clay provides all-day hold while adding thickness, texture and volume to your hair. It is humidity & sweat-resistant, and delivers a workable feel with a real matte finish. It not only styles hair, but also provides nourishing antioxidants that stimulate hair growth and fight dandruff & itchy scalp.

Not only does this hair clay provide all day hold and volume, it is also humidity and sweat resistant with a matte finish!

Organic coconut MCT oil, bentonite clay, beeswax, organic french lavender oil

Scoop a small amount of hair clay out of the jar and rub between fingers and spreading evenly through hands. Apply to hair, working through roots for full distribution. Repeat if needed.

Use hair clay on clean, dry hair for a true matte finish with maximum hold. apply hair clay to wet or damp hair for a more natural finish. Blow dry in for added volume.