Hot Mess Ice Roller


The Hot Mess Ice Roller instantly reduces puffiness and redness, boots circulation, bringing blood to the skin's surface, restoring radiance. The Ice Roller helps shrink the size of pores and helps with lymphatic drainage for smoother-looking skin.

We love the Hot Mess Ice Roller anytime of the day! It is so durable and stays super cold for a long time, helping reduce puffiness and redness. A must have! 

Aluminum roller with a silicone handle. 

Use the Hot Mess Ice Roller anytime, anywhere - morning or night! Simply remove from freezer and roll! It is great as a morning pick-me-up to get your day started before or after applying your ice queen face oil. Use at the end of your nighttime skincare routine, to help lock your serums and moisturizers’ ingredients into your pores. 

Add The Sleeping Bag to protect your Hot Mess Ice Roller from unwanted bacteria and it is perfect for travel.