When it comes to your skincare ritual, the term “less is more” is relative. While we love to luxuriate & lather on a 10-step skincare regimen day & night, we also respect & understand the importance of simplicity & essentialism. Whether you’re new to curating the perfect skincare ritual or you’re looking to streamline your current routine, we’re breaking down the key, most important products that everyone should have on hand, regardless of your skin type. Let’s get right into the 5 must-have products that you need to be using on a daily basis.


First up is a really purifying & nourishing cleanser. Everyone needs a great cleanser in their routine to keep your skin fresh, clean & hygienic. Ideally, we would all be double cleansing with both an oil cleanser & then, following up with a more targeted cleanser that addresses your skincare concerns & really ensures that supple, detoxified complexion. However, if you have to choose just one cleanser as an everyday essential, opt for a nourishing oil cleanser. Oil cleansers are the ones that work to go deep into the skin to really purify your pores, dissolving all traces of makeup, dirt & debris to give you that revitalized feeling. Oil cleansers are great for every type of skin, yes, including those with oily and/or blemish prone skin.


Next, you’re going to want to include a great face mask into your routine as a treatment. While you don’t need to indulge in a face mask everyday - although we highly recommend it - by adding this step into your routine 2-3 times a week, you’re going to see significant results in the health of your skin. You’re going to want to choose a mask that works to target one of your skin concerns, whether it’s brightening, hydrating or a deep cleanse to eliminate congestion, break outs, redness or other imperfections. Face masks give you that at-home-facial level of TLC that we can all really benefit from as well as expedite the visible transformation of your skin.


This is your opportunity to spice up your skincare game & really infuse your complexion with high vibrational, ultra-nourishing ingredients that will take your glow to the next level. You can opt for either a serum or a treatment oil-in-serum. These two products, an oil & a serum, were once considered to be two different products. Now that the skincare industry has evolved so much, the level of advanced innovation has really accelerated, not only expanding our options, but actually combining products to create insanely effective & unique hybrid treatment products that are a combination of both a serum and an oil in one. Of course you can still opt for a classic serum or a classic facial oil, but just know that typically those products are considered to be different.

A serum, or treatment oil, contains more specialized ingredients that target & treat your specific skincare goals. They include more actives that will help you achieve your skincare goals, whether that’s brightening, hydrating, targeting wrinkles or fine lines, blemishes or just an overall complexion enhancement. You can always layer these products for a really dynamic & robust skincare regime or stick with one to focus on. For more information on what exactly a serum is, visit our blog here where we dive into all things serums, perfect for a beginner's mind.


Regardless of the state of your skin, the most important factor is the level of hydration! A moisturizer is a step that you can honestly never forgo if you’re after a nourished & healthy complexion. Dehydrated skin can lead to many skin concerns from dullness, texture issues, blemishes, breakouts & more. Moisturizers contain a variety of nourishing skincare ingredients from vitamins & antioxidants to peptides, actives & botanicals so you can rest assured that you’re infusing your skin with plenty of nutrients for your most supple, glowing complexion. Here are our favorite essential moisturizers that are universal & suitable for all skin types. Hydrate the skin, honey. Trust us & thank us later.


Finally, as the last step & icing on the cake (aka your gorgeous complexion), you’re going to want to treat your eye area with a luxe eye cream. Eye creams are such a vital, yet often overlooked, step in the skincare routine because as we gracefully grow older, our eye area is the most susceptible to damage due to its delicacy. Often, it is the first place that we show signs of aging, such as fine lines that result simply from making our everyday facial expressions.

Choosing a beautiful & effective eye cream as your fifth essential vanity item is great because it can also double as a nourishing lip treatment. We’re all about a multipurpose product and an eye cream is a beautiful example of that.

If you can stay loyal to these 5 skin care products, you’re going to experience a fabulously nourished, hydrated & replenished complexion. Of course, there are always ways you can add on to this & elevate your ritual further to target skincare concerns, double up, enhance, protect & actually remove previous damage that has been done to the skin. If you’re in a pinch, on a budget, or just looking to simplify your life (what a concept that we could all benefit from), then this is your all encompassing guide to selecting simple, effective products that will have a very, very positive impact on you & your glow. Enjoy. As always, you can schedule a complimentary consultation with us on our website if you have any questions or need specific recommendations or assistance curating the perfect ritual for your skin.