Fall is finally here and I am sending you all a big, warm hug because why not? October is such a cozy month and as the weather starts to cool & sweaters begin to make their reappearance, we can all feel the energy finally shifting into Fall. Our own energies eb & flow in sync with the seasons of Mother Earth, so the seasonal transitions are always important to make room for, pay mind to & honor. Whether that’s by transitioning your skincare routine or indulging in some new self care rituals, take some time this October to sink into the new season.

A new season & a new month means a new set of five most loved, most used products that I’m currently coveting. I have some exciting new launches, some tried & true favorites, a mix of nourishing skincare & glam makeup to liven up your look for Fall. Let’s get right into it!


Let’s start it off with the most exciting new arrival, the insanely versatile, all-you-need beauty device, the Theraface Pro. It’s been a while since I have been SO excited about a new arrival here at Citrine. This has been used every single day since I began testing it out and my skin has never looked better. This is truly the only facial device you need because of the sheer variety of treatment options, which come as different attachments. You get three LED light therapy heads, a blue, red & infrared, three facial percussive massage tools, a microcurrent head & deep cleansing attachment.

I have been using this tool to give myself a really thorough at-home facial by starting off with my favorite face mask of the moment, currently the Ayuna Balm[K], followed by the new Ayuna Yan You treatment product, which is also a new arrival I am absolutely in LOVE with and would have selected as a favorite for this month if only we could keep it from flying off our shelves! We had a special promotion with Ayuna that gifted us with these incredible limited edition crysophere that you use to freeze the liquid Yan You product as a skincare-infused ice tool essentially.

After I ice my face with the Yan You cryosphere & that fully soaks into my skin, I begin to really treat my skin with the Theraface. First, I actually love to go in with the hot ring, which comes as a separate attachment. This warms up the skin after the ice therapy and increases blood flow. Next, I use the Infared LED light attachment which gives a really therapeutic warming effect that relieves inflammation. Using it around the eyes is key as it works to reduce wrinkles & fine lines, which we love. Then I follow up with percussive therapy which relieves all muscle tension in my face & feels so relaxing, it’s an experience like nothing I have ever tried. Finally, I have been getting really into the microcurrent attachment which is amazing at firming, tightening & contouring the skin because it stimulates tissue recovery. Beauty tools such as the NuFace & Ziip use microcurrent technology as their main selling point, so I find it so incredible that the Theraface has microcurrent in addition to the 8+ other treatment options! This tool is so dynamic so stay tuned for additional content & information on how to use this & what the benefits are.


Another new arrival is the Agent Natuer long awaited holi(creme) which is their first moisturizer. As one of my favorite brands, I am always impressed with their launches and this lightweight, soothing hydrator does not disappoint. This is the perfect, versatile day cream that feels very calming & nurturing on the skin. It has a really pretty matte finish so you don’t feel shiny or greasy pre-makeup application and creates that supple, nourished base. I love this because it’s suitable for any skin type so I can recommend this to just about everyone.


This month we are all about the new arrivals! As we transition into Fall, I love to switch out some of my tried & trusted favorites for new products to just refresh my makeup bag & my look. This new brow gel by Vapour gives that perfect fluffy, feathered brow that I love because it feels very youthful & fresh. It gives you that simple, “clean girl” makeup look that’s actually trending at the moment… even though, I have to say that a fresh, simple no-makeup-makeup look is truly always in style. This brow gel is super flexible, doesn’t harden on the brows & doesn’t leave any residue on the brow. It’s also loaded with nourishing ingredients that condition & strengthen the brows so you can feel amazing wearing it, knowing your makeup is actually working for you.


One of our best selling lip products that I suggest to absolutely everyone is the Fitglow Night Lip Serum. This product is so easy to fall in love with. It has a ton of glowing reviews & I haven’t come across anyone who has tried this and isn’t obsessed with it. It’s really a must have addition to your nighttime skincare routine, but I also love to use this to prep my lips before applying my liner & liquid lip during the day. It wraps the lips in moisture with a subtle sweet vanilla scent and works to enhance the lip’s cell structure while increasing volume. It’s like a mini lip filler in a bottle.


One of my all time favorite hero treatment products. As with all of the Ayuna collection, it’s a unique multitasking product that truly doesn’t fit into any one category, which is why Ayuna is such an innovative, ingenious brand. This product is deemed a “high protein cream-in-one peel” because of it’s unparalleled effectiveness in giving you that baby soft, absolutely revitalized newborn complexion. It seriously removes every trace of dead skin, any and all texture & reveals brand new, fresh skin that’s super silky to the touch & visibly more refined. This is a forever favorite of mine because it gives instant, incredible results.

I personally love to use it in the mornings as the first step to my routine. I apply a thin layer to my entire face & let it sit while I attend to my Mama duties. When it’s time to wash off, I rub it into the skin as a soft & gentle gommage actually really satisfying to peel off for that perfect exfoliation, leaving my skin feeling buttery smooth & giving me such a luminous glow!