Clean Girl Aesthetic

Makeup Laura Hernandez / Model Katelyn Mackey / Photo Will Powell


The clean girl aesthetic is based around having a really glowy & dewy complexion so the first & most important steps involve creating a supple complexion with your skincare. Start by prepping your skin so that it's clean & fresh. To give your skin a drink of quenching hydration, opt for our belling serum from Kypris, the Antioxidant Dew. This is going to give your skin that really supple, nourished canvas to apply your makeup.


Apply a few drops of the holi(oil) to instantly reduce any redness, replenish moisture & give your complexion that tight yet dewy look. Pat into the skin & allow it to dry & settle into the skin for your base.


Blend the ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint into the skin, using a foundation brush or a makeup sponge. This is a gorgeous lightweight serum-like skin tint that gives you that subtle coverage and perfects the skin while still emanating your natural complexion. You can layer the product on for additional coverage on any imperfections or wherever you feel is needed. This also contains SPF so you are doubling down on all the benefits with this all-in-one product.


Go in with the iconic concealer from RMS, the ”Un” Cover Up to add any additional coverage or to brighten up areas of the face. We suggest under the eyes, a touch on the skin & in between the brows to highlight & accentuate the high points of your face & bring out your natural bone structure. Opt for a color a shade lighter than your complexion. Blend in with a fluffy concealer brush for an airbrush-like finish.


Give your complexion that youthful flush & bring life into your skin by tapping the Multi-Stick in Whisper onto the apples of the cheek bones, in an upward motion, even going up into the under eye area a bit. Go ahead & gently buff into the skin to blend seamlessly into your base. We also love to add a slight touch to the bridge of the nose & center of the forehead, to the spots where the sun naturally hits & gives us that touch of color. Whisper is a really beautiful peachy pink that’s versatile & suits all skin types. Pop a bit onto the lids & lips to livin up the look further.


The clean girl aesthetic is nothing without a natural, feathered yet groomed brow. Use the Kosas Air Brow in Soft Brown to get that feathered finish. We love this brow gel because it tames brows yet still gives flexibility, does not flake & also conditions the brows to strengthen over time. We opted for the Soft Brown shade on our lovely model to add a touch of color to fill in sparse areas. This beautiful product also comes in a transparent shade as well as other colors to match your hair color.


A pretty, rosy yet neutral lip is the perfect finish to polish off your clean girl look. We LOVE the Fit Glow Lip Color Serum to not only give you that plump pout but to hydrate & nourish lips, providing them with a boost of ingredients that help stimulate the production of collagen for fuller, more supple lips over time, sans the filler. Rosé is a beautiful sheer, shimmery wash of pretty pink that looks glowy yet natural.


Finish by spritzing a mist of the Patyka Essential Lifting Lotion all over the skin to set your makeup, rejuvenate your complexion & give you that really fresh, really dewy skin that is so very essential to the clean girl look!




Everything is fresh & new again in the Fall. We love this opportunity to revamp your skincare routine to align with the seasonal shift. You can partake in a subtle rehaul or a total vanity refresh with some of our top tips to help you get that year round glow.
Rose Marie Swift

Rose Marie Swift

Meet celebrity makeup artist, founder of RMS who created a clean beauty empire by realizing that cosmetics can be formulated with safer, better ingredients while simultaneously making women feel more beautiful.