Conscious Curation

Here at Citrine, I take my curation process seriously. From the ingredients used to the results of each product, not only is each item selected with attention & care, but each brand as well. I take much pleasure in the process of choosing each brand that I carry here at Citrine and am so proud to have a collection of brands that produce clean, natural, non-toxic makeup, skincare & wellness products that also practice sustainability & ingredient integrity.

What kind of impact do our daily rituals have on the planet? How are we contributing to the demise of our Earth? These are vital questions that we must be continuously asking ourselves. At Citrine, my focus is on sharing brands with you that honor this planet by practicing sustainable business. From recyclable packaging to consciously curated & ethically sourced ingredients, these brands are working to reduce their footprint so they can share high vibrational products without harming our beautiful planet.

Choosing brands that implement sustainable initiatives allows you to shop with peace of mind, knowing that you are doing our best to make ethical purchases that help protect this planet we call home. At Citrine, transparency and education are fundamental values I instill, meaning that I do the research for you, curating brands that work to stay up to date & informed on not only the negative effects of harmful, toxic ingredients to our sacred vessels, but the negative effects these ingredients have on our planet.

Unfortunately, the mainstream beauty industry throughout the years has done, and has the potential to do more, severe damage to this Earth. Plastic packaging can take hundreds of years to completely decompose, toxins are leaked into the water supply, ending up in our oceans, contributing to the demise of ecosystems, causing rapid climate change and otherwise depleting natural resources, harming plants & animals alike.

In this blog, I am honoring Mother Earth and our collaborative, collective commitment to reducing the impact that we humans have on her. Below I have spoken with the founders of some of the beloved brands we carry who are sharing what sustainability means to them, how their brands are committed to offsetting our environmental impact.


Isabel and Begoña created AYUNA less is beauty based on the philosophy that the world does not need more beauty products needs better ones. AYUNA is the sum of years of experience in cosmetics, wellness, and beauty embodied in a collection of unique products. A life of knowledge, distilled.

Green and sustainable processes are at the forefront of the latest technological and cultural revolution, and at the core of AYUNA’s approach. Progress in green chemistry has enabled us to develop elegant galenic formulations as well as highly effective, technologically advanced products. Armed with this current wealth of knowledge and recent possibilities, we’ve opened the door to a new discipline in the beauty industry, ECO-LUXURY cosmetics.

Tackling toxicity and pollution problems at the source, ECO-LUXURY cosmetics design products and procedures that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of substances that are harmful for the skin or pollute the planet. Moreover, environmentally-friendly production processes are adopted to minimize the emission of pollutants, reduce energy consumption, and incorporate the use of biodegradable and non-toxic substances.

Plant cell cultures are the brand's core ingredient. AYUNA focuses on the use of in vitro cultures, produced under specific means and controlled environmental conditions to obtain plant elements that are 100% natural and of the highest level of purity, while minimizing threats to sustainability. These biotechnological platforms require 99% less water and arable soil consumption, thereby making these production processes clean and environmentally friendly. In addition, this new technology does not produce polluting waste that poses a risk to the safety of the product.



“Sustainability is at the core of our brand ethos. It is considered in every decision we make as a company; from ethically-sourced ingredients to the industry's first fully recyclable palette, we are putting in the work to challenge the status quo and redefine what sustainability means for the beauty industry, having reduced our carbon emissions by 25%.”



“KYPRIS recognizes sustainability as both an environmental and social imperative. We believe Beauty can only come from Beauty, and there is nothing beautiful about the exploitation of land or people. This means we invest in sourcing ingredients from sustainable, regenerative land stewardship, fair labor practices, recycled and recyclable packaging, conscientious marketing messages, and green biotechnology that creates reliable efficacy. Collectively, these decisions honor our patrons, the people who make our products possible, and the places where the ingredients are grown and procured.”


KJAER WEIS FOUNDER - Kristen Kjaer Weis

“Sustainability means being thoughtful and intentional in choices from the quality of the certified organic ingredients we use, to the wellbeing of the farmers and suppliers we work with. In parallel to that, being conscious in terms of the packaging we use and what impact that has for our planet is imperative. I consider it a holistic approach to sustainability, with the conviction that it’s multilayered and therefore has to be a multilayered effort.”


The premise of Citrine is to elevate, uplift and intentionally inspire your daily life. Citrine aims to promote healthy, conscious & ethical choices all while exuding the most luxurious, elegant aspects that all beauty products should have. These words are from the founders of just a few of the brands Citrine carries, all of which are a perfect representation of how to care for our planet & simultaneously bask in high vibrational luxury and exclusivity that you deserve.


Fresh Skin &  A Bold Lip

Fresh Skin & A Bold Lip

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Sleek & Sultry