APRIL 2022

Spring has officially sprung! Are you feeling all of the fresh, activating energy? Here in Arizona we are enjoying the last days of gorgeous, warm weather. Days full of subtle sunshine where I can take Willow to the botanical gardens without worrying about sunburns and all the things. It’s been so refreshing to really bask in this rejuvenating Spring energy lately. I couldn’t be more excited for April as we have some new projects coming into fruition that we cannot wait to share with all of you. I’m really stepping into this energy of transformation & rebirth this month. From shedding dead skin cells to refining my everyday look with some gorgeous new products, I’m thrilled to get into my latest skincare & makeup obsessions… enjoy!


First up, I chose the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser. This is such a beautiful, refreshing cleanser that not only feels amazing on the skin, but leaves my skin feeling so soft & radiant. It’s almost like a treatment product because it’s formulated with apricot microspheres that give it its satisfying granular texture. It also has BHA from white willow bark which works as a natural form of salicylic acid. Willow bark is a natural anti-inflammatory and it dissolves excess oil on the skin & unclogs pores while soothing any irritation. This cleanser is the perfect fix for dull, lackluster skin or if you’re suffering from some blemishes. I love to use this before applying makeup because it gently removes all dead skin, texture & roughness, creating that flawless canvas. It leaves my skin so, so soft & supple without stripping it at all. It’s potent yet gentle enough to be used on the skin daily as a soft exfoliant, however, I will always rotate between cleansers to keep my skin from becoming immune to any one product.


Lately, this has been my absolute go-to palette for every look, whether it’s a casual day at the office or if I want to jazz it up for a dinner or photoshoot, this palette literally has it all. I always love the ATHR shadows because of their rich pigments and versatility. The range of warm, sunset-toned shades are all just so universally flattering & look gorgeous on any skin tone. There’s really something for everyone in this palette as it comes with 10 stunning shades from shimmer to duo-chrome, metallic and super matte finishes. For me, I end up using the entire palette for my daily soft glam look. I use the middle shimmer & chromatic shades for the lid, then the top two colors for my crease & finally the deep shade as the liner. The chrome shades in the center really make my eyes pop and I feel like I can create so many different looks with this… although, you guys know me and that I totally stick to my signature look lol.


As the weather warms up and starts getting HOT here in Arizona, it’s definitely time to remind you guys about why I love this product. This is my hero complexion & skincare product, and if you’ve been here for a while, you know my obsession runs deep. This multitasking color correcting SPF gives a buildable tint of color that works for me as a foundation. It could technically be considered a CC cream with the level of creamy coverage plus all the beauty benefits of a skin care serum or cream. It contains hyaluronic acid and peptides to plump & nourish the skin. The non-nano zinc is not only non-irritating and silky, soothing & pure, it’s completely non-toxic and the healthiest version of sun protection we can indulge in. It’s an outstanding option if you’re looking for that total UVA/UVB protection in tandem with a flawless complexion. Win win!


This is a new arrival from Innersense which is their long awaited hair serum. It gives you that silky smooth feeling of a traditional hair serum, which I’m so excited about because of the lack of hair products in the clean beauty market. There are very few hair care brands and products that are doing it right in this space, so I am really jazzed about this one. It gives your hair a frizz-free, ultra-shiny finish. It feels luxurious & lightweight on the hair so it doesn’t weigh it down at all, plus it’s loaded with nourishing ingredients that protect your strands. It absorbs right into the hair on application so it really seals in the hydration, smooths fly aways & gives your hair a glossy finish. As you guys may know, I’ve also been obsessed with the brushes from Yves Durif, a newer brand for us, so my recent hair care obsessions include the Vented Brush and then alternating between the I Create Shine and the hair(silk) peptides styling treatment from Agent Nateur. Holy grail hair care, you guys!


One of my favorite beauty hacks is to use a mask every single morning. I love to pop on a mask while I go through my morning rituals, from mediation to making my matcha and preparing my day before Willow gets up. You can customize this practice to whatever your morning routine looks like, but regardless of your schedule, I find that everyone has time to put on a mask while they attend to their morning things. It’s such a great way to multitask while getting that extra boost of nourishing ingredients and really committing yourself to the beauty & wellness of your skin. Lately, I have been reaching for the Hydrating Floral Mask by Tata Harper as it gives my skin this really rejuvenated & fresh feeling. This is my GO TO mask when I need that total boost of moisture to replenish because, as with all Tata products, it’s formulated with 1,000 macro & micro sizes of hyaluronic acid. This is essentially your thirst-quenching tall glass of water for the skin, blended with a variety of gorgeous florals & botanicals for the most luxurious springtime mask. On top of thoroughly hydrating the skin, it also calms & soothes any irritation, redness or discomfort.

In addition to harnessing all of the newness that Spring brings in terms of refreshing our beauty vanities & calling in that total glow up, I also want to share that Citrine, as a company, is in a total transformative process of rebirth as well. We are currently undergoing our own glow up. Our website, rewards program, and overall client experience is being completely refreshed…and in some cases, being completely reborn! It’s been quite the process as we’ve worked to bring you everything we think you’ll love, but we are finally moving into the final stages as we prepare to launch this total labor of love.

I am most excited for you guys to have an elevated shopping experience & for the roll out of our new rewards program. Having a loyalty program where you receive perks for your support has been such a profound way for us to stay connected and make the shopping experience that much more exciting & beneficial for you, so I couldn’t be more excited to share our new program! As a small business owner, these upgrades mean so much & really take us to the next level, so I’m thankful for all of you for supporting us throughout the process. Overall, I am really planting the seeds this month for a new season of elevated wellness, beauty & grace, for not only myself & my family, but for Citrine & all of you as well.