MAY 2022

Welcome to the month of May! We just launched our brand new website and rewards program so I am on cloud nine over here. My team & I poured our hearts into this new look & elevated experience so we have been appreciating & loving all of the amazing feedback! It really feels like Citrine is ready to take a huge step in a brand new, exciting direction and thanks to all of your support, we’re on that path now.

May feels like such a nourishing month to me, between the gorgeous weather & Mother’s Day on our radar, I feel that there is so much opportunity to experience beauty, self care, ritual & unconditional love. It’s a beautiful time to get in touch with our feminine energy and utilize it to nurture ourselves. As we fill up our own self love cups, we are able to in turn show up as our best self, the highest octave of our expression and be that nourishing, nurturing, loving light that is so needed right now. I’m calling in a gorgeous grounded month full of luxurious indulgences, wellness rituals & spiritual growth.

This month I am really feeling into products that are ultra-nourishing. Nourishing to the mind, the body and soul. I’ve been craving more of those grounding, earthy pleasures that clean beauty & wellness products really bless us with. From essential oils & blends to a glowy, hydrating eye serum, a beautiful yoni treatment oil & a brand new product line I’m so excited to announce. Find out what products I chose as my most loved for the month of May!


First up, I am so excited to announce that we are carrying a new brand here at Citrine. Welcome, Solara Suncare. We have been really craving a refreshed suncare brand here on our shelves and Solara was the perfect fit for us. The packaging & style of the brand feels very elevated, plus the formulations go above & beyond in terms of ingredients, loaded with skin care level ingredients, antioxidants & adaptogens that make it feel more like a moisturizer on the skin and less like a sunscreen. All of the formulations are very light weight but also ultra luxurious. I have been loving the Glow Getter, SPF 30 Shimmer Sunscreen because of the touch of shimmer that feels more luxe than your typical sunscreen!


I have been using this every morning as of lately to really take the time & to nourish the part of my body that is connected to my divine feminine essence. This step of self care is often overlooked & as you take the time to focus on caring for your intimate area, you will be able to develop an even deeper connection to your body & your own being, on a whole new level which is an ongoing journey for me but it feels very special to get to know yourself in new ways. I love that beauty products & body care can be the catalyst for beautiful self discovery. This is a lavish hydrating oil that is really nourishing to our most sensitive areas. It leaves my skin feeling plump, supple & smooth, always reducing any irritation that I may have. I love using it straight out of the shower as I feel the product penetrates into the skin best when damp. This makes a beautiful gift as well!


This eye serum has been giving me major life lately. It feels so, so fresh with a subtle cucumber scent that puts me in such a spring mood. It gives your delicate eye area a dewy, glowy sheen while alleviating any puffiness I have in the morning. I’m also a fan of this because it contains antioxidants that block blue light which preserves the skin. It’s ultra lightweight so it works perfectly under makeup but does give you that supple luminous glow which I love. It leaves my eyes feeling brighter, more hydrated & awake.


Nothing is more soothing to the soul than turning your living space into a sacred sanctuary. My favorite way to do this is with my Campo Diffuser. Not only is this a beautiful sculpture like piece of art to add to your space, but it really helps you curate a calm, elevated ambiance & mood. The quality of the Campo Diffusers is unparalleled which is why I curated this brand for our shelves here at Citrine. This makes for a really nice gift as it’s something that really lasts forever & helps remind the recipient of the importance of mindfulness & how we have the power to create our own sacred moments of peace, wellness & nourishment


My favorite essential oil blend to pair with my Diffuser has been the Manifest Blend. I’ve been attracted to this oil because it has a rich yet very fresh scent that has notes of lime, basil & pepper. It’s really uplifting and puts me in that mindset of limitless possibility. Sometimes we just need that subtle reminder that we are so grateful to have the opportunity to really create & shape our realities. This blend inspires me to dream big, put my deepest desires in my mind’s eye & take inspired actions. This blend is also the perfect little gift, for both the women & men in your life.

Thank you again for your shared excitement and support as we have rolled out our new website and rewards program. Our goal was to create a smoother, more elevated shopping experience for you and we feel amazing to have done just that! These little upgrades mean so much to me, as a small business owner and help take Citrine to the next level. We have a grand vision to put into action over here and our new look, new program & new offerings are all in alignment with our mission. We’re calling in even more exciting upgrades, experiences & beautiful newness this year here at Citrine and we’re so grateful to have you along for the ride. Here’s to a gorgeous month of May, full of elevated beauty, magic, prosperity & bliss!