I really live and breathe by a good evening skincare ritual. It helps me really wind down for the night, have some much needed & well deserved me time, and get my skin prepped for my beauty sleep. I love to start off by setting the mood, turning on my himalyian crystal salt lamp and turning on my Campo Diffuser. I have been rotating between the Relax blend & the Love blend, both are really calming & grounding so I love to create that sacred space for myself before getting into the skincare.

The first thing I do is double cleanse. Double cleansing is always a must for me. It’s essentially the concept of using two cleansers or just going in with the same cleanser twice to really ensure that you remove all traces of makeup, debris, dirt & oil from the skin. It is especially important to do this before heading to bed. I love to use the Patyka Remarkable Cleansing Oil with the Patyka Cleansing Perfection Foam. This cleansing duo is actually called the Patyka Delicate Cleansing Ritual, which is so fitting as it feels so gentle & soft on the skin and is definitely a ritual. For me, using an oil cleanser first is absolutely key as it feels super nourishing to the skin and really helps to melt off any and all of my makeup from the day, all while keeping the skin hydrated & plump. The foam cleanser helps to break up any leftover makeup, environmental pollutants, etc.

What I do with this combination, which is a bit different from my other double cleansing routines, is layer them on top of each other. I first apply the oil, massage it in and then layer 2-3 pumps of the foam directly on top of the oil, continuing to massage them in together, then finally I rinse. This process helps me really decompress from the day and start off my skin care ceremony so beautifully. I love to use the time cleansing my face as an opportunity to also cleanse my auric field from anything that went on during the day, just purifying my energy before bed.

Next up, I absolutely love the Ayuna The Facial. This is one of my all time holy grail products. It is the perfect treatment product, whether you have breakouts, lackluster texture or you’re wanting to smooth any fine lines in the skin. This product, like all of Ayuna’s skincare, is very unconventional and multipurpose in the best way. It’s technically a probiotic refining concentrate, which works similarly to a toner but has serum-like benefits. It’s formulated with light refining acids and gentle, skin-safe vinegars to exfoliate & resurface the skin. The probiotics work to balance the skin’s biome as a toner would, making it the perfect choice for anyone suffering from acne or blemishes. For those that are familiar with the ever popular Biologique P50, it is actually a clean dupe for that, but works 10x better in my opinion. If I skip this product for any reason, I can tell, so I always have this on hand because I swear by the results.

On top of that I go in with the Agent Natuer holi (water) & holi (c) combination. This is another one of my holy grail duos that I can rely on to really transform the skin. The holi (c) is a potent powder form of a gentle Vitamin C combined with calcium ketogluconate, a French-patented form of calcium. Together, these ingredients work to stimulate elastin and promote cellular regeneration. This product is really cutting edge and honestly, there isn’t anything else like it out there on the market. Because the powder form of Vitamin C has to be activated, this is where the holi (water) comes in. You tap a few sprinkles of the holi ( c ) into your palm, use a few pumps of the holi (water) directly into the powder, and mix by rubbing hands together, then press into the skin & neck. The holi (water) is a BEAUTIFUL pearl & rose hyaluronic essence, so it’s another one of those multipurpose products that can be considered a toner, essence and serum. This product is ultra hydrating and nourishing to the skin, with pearl to add luminosity & Bulgarian rose to soothe and nurture. Together these products make the perfect duo to tighten, brighten, refine and plump the skin, and this duo will remain a staple in my skin care routine now until… forever.

Next, to give my skin an extra dose of moisture and nutrients, I go in with the Kypris Antioxidant Dew. This is our number one best selling serum for a reason, and my skin literally drinks it up. It quenches the skin for those of you who tend to err on the drier side like I do, and also helps your facial oils and serums absorb into the skin better, allowing the vitamins and nutrients to sink deep into the cells for optimal results. What I love to do is create a microemulsion by mixing a few drops of this with whatever facial oil I am using at the time…

Currently, I have been using the Radiant Rani Brightening Saffron Serumwhich I love because it is just so high vibrational, you can actually smell the Saffron. It livens up the skin and really focuses on brightening your complexion. Aside from the luxurious Saffron, it also has turmeric to help with inflammation and manjistha which helps with blood circulation. I love it for nighttime since it’s moisturizing but lightweight, so it doesn't feel too heavy or oily on the skin. It’s truly a perfect serum for all skin types.

For the eyes, I love using an ultra rich eye cream at night so I use the Kypris Ad Astra. I prefer using a richer formula at night because during the day I tend to use something lighter and more compatible with makeup, like the Pai System D, which has been my favorite for a while now… but at night, I really like to load it on - the more hydration the better. This product really gives results and is worth every penny. Using an eye cream is actually one of my top beauty tips I received and love to pass down. Originally given to me by a fabulous woman I met while working at the Elizabeth Arden counter as a teenager, she advised me to always use an eye cream and since that day, I’ve never looked back. I have to say, I really attest to this tip for anyone looking to age with style and grace! Use this all around the orbital bone for optimal results.

Finally, I go in with the Fitglow Night Lip Serum which is the best lip treatment. It really helps to lock in moisture all night and fill in any lip lines. It has a light plumping effect and leaves the lips soft & supple upon waking.

Next, it’s time for the tools. Lately I’ve been really into using the Face Cupping Set by Skin Gym to get the lymphatic drainage going. This practice is highly beneficial to do right before going into a restful night’s sleep. This cupping set is actually a very under-discussed and under-rated product that we carry at Citrine, as there are truly so many benefits to facial cupping. It works to stimulate circulation in the skin, which allows your body to remove stagnant energy and toxins, making your skin far less puffy, far more clear and far more relaxed. It simultaneously stimulates collagen production, plumping fine lines, and giving your skin a glow. For more detailed information on exactly how facial cupping works to produce such a variety of benefits, plus information on how to use them, head to this blog post here.

Last but not least, I’ve been really into Skin Gym’s latest arrival, the Wrinklit LED Light Therapy Face Mask.This is an amazing treatment item to use for those at home facial results and to give your skin that extra boost of therapeutic benefits. There has been so much research around utilizing light therapy for enhancing your skin. Whether you’re looking to brighten, clear or rejuvenate your complexion, there are different light shades that work to transform skin on a molecular level, which is pretty amazing. There are three lighting settings…the blue light therapy is great for skin suffering from any blemishes or breakouts. The red light is great for curing any redness as well as preventative aging, and the orange light works to brighten dull, uneven skin tone.

I typically rotate between the red & orange depending on how I feel my skin is doing and what it needs at the time. I will go with the blue when I’m around my moon and am experiencing any hormonal breakouts. The light also really helps the products penetrate into the skin better so I’m all about using this on a nightly basis.

Other than taking time to really care for and treat my skin before bed, I do want to mention how important sleep is. Not only in terms of skin and your outward beauty, but in all aspects of life. Getting a full restorative night’s sleep is vital for our mental health, our immune systems and overall well being. Beauty sleep is no joke - while your body is sleeping and dreaming, it is also regenerating collagen, producing antioxidants (thank you, melatonin) and reducing cortisol. To all the mamas, entrepreneurs and other beautiful busy women out there, I completely understand not really having the option to sleep a full 7-8 hours every night. However, we can only do our best to prioritize sleep & one of the ways that helps me get into that mood is to spend time on myself and my skin before bed. Sweet dreams, Citrine family!


Fierce & Flirty Metallic Eyeliner

Fierce & Flirty Metallic Eyeliner