Melissa's Travel Essentials: Sedona Edition

Sedona is one of my geographical sanctuaries… one of those locations that I can step into and feel immediately at home in-- that is the power of Sedona for me. My soul instantly feels soothed and my mind at ease. It's a sacred space that I always look forward to visiting. Interestingly enough, Sedona is known for being a Vortex, which is essentially a center where there is a high concentration of energy. This can mean many different things and lends to various phenomena, from a profound sense of self awareness, to enhanced meditative states. Personally for me, it activates my spiritual side and gives me a sense of serenity and wellbeing.

Ultimately, I continue to visit because it encourages me to continue to walk this path and reminds me of my purpose and my potential. Sedona gives me a gentle push, reminding me why I do what I do, and whispers to me, “dive deeper.” It leaves me feeling inspired, recharged & in my full feminine flow, allowing me to hear myself louder and more clearly. Just as they always are, this last trip to Sedona was profound & magical, and I really look forward to sharing more of this side of myself with all of you.

While Sedona is truly the perfect, uplifting, zen-out, relaxing getaway, there is also the opportunity to partake in plenty of activities, from hiking to wellness adventures- all of which will leave you breathless. Below I'm sharing my version of a little guide to Sedona and highlighting my must-go spots, PLUS I am sharing some of my favorite skincare & beauty travel tips and going into detail on how I keep things simple yet effective-- not only for Sedona, but for any trip you may venture on this Summer.


Whenever I travel, I like to simplify… certainly without comprising. I am definitely a skincare junkie, and just a beauty junkie in general, so it's important to me that I stick to a ritual that gives me the full benefits & maintains my desired results while eliminating some of the steps (and bulk in the luggage, because traveling light is a vibe). While traveling, you're going to want to enjoy every moment as much as possible, and for me that always includes spending time on self care, beauty & wellness. However, I also try to be mindful of how much time I spend, knowing that my usual skincare ritual makes up for any vacation time in which I may not be able to fully indulge.

I typically double cleanse every evening, especially to remove makeup, SPF and the like. When traveling however, I still like to stick to a double cleanse, but instead of using two separate products (i.e. the Holi(Cleanse) + the Acid(Wash)), I opt for bringing along one cleanser that does the full job- an all-in-one. For Sedona, I packed the Ranavat Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser which is just amazing. Not only does it remove all traces of makeup, but it leaves your skin feeling silky soft. It's perfect for any climate since it's rich yet super delicate, so it's a great choice for traveling-- as no matter the weather situation where you're headed, you can rest assured that you're not going to have any issues with your skin feeling stripped & dry, or vice versa. In the mornings, I use this once to refresh my skin, while at night, I use this twice to double cleanse and it works like a charm.

Even though I like simplifying my routine when I travel, I do not like to skimp on steps, so I packed the Agent Nateur Holi(Trinity). This trio is the ultimate combination that gives you all the steps needed for a true skincare routine. It includes an amazing multipurpose toning essence (Holi(Water)), Vitamin C treatment (Holi(C)), and luxurious facial oil (Holi(Oil)) that seals everything in for ultra-hydration. Together, these products treat all skin concerns and give the skin a soft and hydrated glow. What's nice is that depending on the climate you're traveling to, you can easily adjust how much oil you use based on how much hydration your skin needs. Overall, this is truly such an ideal little travel set because it's so effective, yet you're saving a lot of room in your travel bag-- enough room for another pair of shoes, right?

The next step is where you can choose to either pack an eye cream or continue with the multi-tasking theme by using a touch of the Holi(Oil) around the eyes to hydrate and give a supple base for under concealer and what not. Then, I always pack a face mask, this is one of my nonnegotiables in life. Depending on how long the journey is, you can opt for either a travel size product, or picking up a few little reusable travel containers at the Container Store & scooping your mask in there.

My trip to Sedona was 4 days, so I packed a small travel size of the Ayuna Essence (from last month's Glam Bag!), my current favorite morning mask situation. I find that this is a perfect option for travel since, because of the variety of different conditions, you're really going to want to ensure that you're lightly exfoliating, which is one of the primary benefits of this multipurpose mask. When you're in a different climate and altitude, sleeping on different sheets in hotels that may use toxic detergents or even bleach, etc, it's essential to make sure you're either exfoliating or using products that encourage cellular turnover in order to avoid breakouts and congestion.

For body care, I keep it really simple. Again, I like products that I can multitask with so I brought my Ladysuite Probiotic Wash, which is not limited to using on your intimate areas, but can be used as an all over body wash. I'm all about making sure that down there is in true harmony and that the pH balance is on point, so packing this is just perfect. I also brought along my Taos Aer Extra Strength because we did a lot of's Summer here in Arizona so not much else needs to be said.

In terms of sun protection, I always make sure I have a really great SPF so I use Suntegrity products. I use the Natural Mineral Sunscreen For Body SPF 30 for the Body and then for my face, I am such a huge fan of the Suntegrity Impeccable Skin. This is something I use everyday so I couldn't travel without it, plus it works perfectly for trips as it doubles as SPF & face makeup with a medium, buildable coverage. For Summer, this just checks all the boxes as it feeds the skin with nourishing ingredients & antioxidants, all while giving a flawless glow, and I know that I am getting complete & ultimate sun protection.

Next up is wellness. I make sure to always pack some comfort products that raise my frequency & elevate my mood. I always do this when traveling as it's key for me to make sure the trip is very enjoyable. It's super simple to make sure I have some aura mists and aromatherapy with me. Depending on how long I'm going, I may also pack my travel diffuser. On this trip specifically, I packed the SLEEP & Relax Roll On Essential Oils, both from Campo. These are excellent to keep at my bedside along with my Silk Campo Sleep Mask. This mask is vital in making sure you are canceling out all light as you sleep to ensure you are producing the maximum amount of DMT & melatonin for a full, complete, restful slumber and can remain in a state of joy for the entirety of your trip. You never know what the lighting situation will be where you are staying, so I highly suggest traveling with a (silk) sleep mask to ensure that you sleep in complete darkness-- which is just overall super nourishing & necessary to our system. Keep that third eye activated.


The Harmonic Egg

This is an experience I highly recommend as a special treat to really get in touch with your inner world and to zen the F out. It's a chamber that balances your autonomic nervous system-- essentially, putting you in a deep state of relaxation that allows you to go deeper into your meditation practice. It utilizes light & sound to bring you to a place of being one with Earth as it vibrates at the schumann resonance. The potent sensions lasts for days afterwards and sets your trip off in such a beautiful way.

Crystal Magic

One of my first stops in Sedona every time. As you know, crystals are my jam, and this crystal shop is truly breathtaking. While the prices are a little high, I recommend visiting for the energy alone. It's such a gorgeous space and you can feel all the healing, positive energy just by walking in. Definitely a spot to check out!

West Fork Trail

I love this for an iconic, scenic hike in Sedona. It's pretty level and moderate and I would actually consider it more of a nature walk than anything else. It's just an enchanting trail that gets you in touch with nature. You get to make several crossings over and through the creek, which are stunning, and you truly get to forest bathe on this one.

Pink Jeep Tour

These tours are iconic in Sedona, and although they seem cheesy, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it's a fun way to see the beautiful scenery and get into that adventurous mood that we all need every once in a while. I did the Broken Arrow tour!

THe Buddha Peace Park

A trip to the Buddha Peace Park is always on my list. It's nice because it's a gentle, very level hike and something you can even take children to. I really love to just settle in and meditate here. It's truly one of my sacred spaces where I get divine downloads, inspiration and feel the spark of empowerment to continue on this journey. This will always hold a special place in my heart and has been such a profound place as it was a catalyst for me when birthing the concept of Citrine.

Local Juicery

You can't go to Sedona without stopping here to eat. I love their food, it's extremely high vibrational and has all the amazing, nourishing ingredients you need to fuel your body, mind, and spirit. If you're looking to go to Sedona to take in the beauty of the land and all of the amazing scenery, it's just as equally important to feed your soul with this elevated, nutritious food so I highly recommend this stop for fresh, local, superfood-packed, high vibe food!


The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention