The rose. The queen of all flowers. A sacred symbol of beauty, of love, of devotion & romance since the dawning of time. The rose is a delicate yet powerful flower that has been used throughout history in ancient beauty rituals. The fame & significance of the rose is not only due to their divine fragrance or their beautiful appearance, or even for the wellness & beauty benefits, but because of the vibrational frequency that the rose emits, which is 320MHz, the highest of any plant making it the closest tangible thing to LOVE. Roses literally look, smell and feel just like love.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration.”
- Nikola Tesla

As our universe is made up of energy, each one of our senses are picking up on vibrations & interpreting them, we are granted the magical gift of not only measuring vibrational frequencies but manipulating & changing our own. Everything in our reality is vibrating at a specific frequency, including us, we are vibrational beings. How quickly or slowly something is vibrating is measured as a frequency.

A healthy body has a frequency of about 62MHz to 72MHz, meaning you could potentially be vibrating 10MHz higher than the natural bottom line. The frequency of human bodies can be measured by a biofeedback machine which detects bodily functions such as muscle tension, brain wave activity and skin temperature. While moving through our day, a number of things can affect our frequency, both in body & mind. What we come into contact with in our external environments and what we consume, from social media posts to our morning matcha, has a direct affect on what rate we are vibrating at. Things such as stress or a physical ailment, even an argument with a loved one can slow down our vibration, lowering our frequency. If an object or person is vibrating at a faster, or higher frequency, it is emitting energy of flow, of creativity and an overall elevated mood & emotional state. The higher your frequency is, the better you will feel. More synchronicities appear, more manifestations come into fruition and more beauty & abundance aligns into your reality.

It’s important to note that our choices each day have an impact on our frequencies. Everything that we choose to eat as well as use, especially in terms of skincare, has its own frequency. Chemicals that are hidden in our foods & beauty products can have frequencies close to zero. Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants contain a higher amount of life force energy and therefore hold a higher frequency. Using beauty products that contain fresh, plant based, natural ingredients has such a positive impact on our vibrational state.

Out of the entire plant kingdom, the rose reigns supreme with her 320MHz vibration. Consuming rose, internally & externally is a potent way to raise your frequency. Rose is a healing, enchanting & beautifying flower. Rose petals, rose oils and extracts are akin to medicine to help alleviate any imbalances in the body, physical, emotional or energetic. Ancient Egyptians boiled roses down into a balm formula that they would use to cleanse their skin, protect against harsh winds & heal wounds as roses are known to reduce pain & calm inflammation.

Rose oils reduce redness, soothe skin & even have astringent and antibacterial properties so it’s perfect for those struggling with blemish prone skin. Roses are loaded with nourishing antioxidants for protection against environmental damages such as free radicals, leaving our skin youthful & fresh. For the highest concentration of rose oil for ultimate protection, the Kypris Beauty Elixir I - 1,000 Roses is our top pick. It’s a super luxurious, hydrating beauty oil formulated with the essential oil of 1,000 organic bulgarian roses that work to repair and reverse any signs of previous damage done by the sun or pollution. It’s truly divine, leaving your skin petal soft & completely nourished.



The history of the rose is just as rich, magical & captivating as the rose itself. Story has it that a renowned Persian Princess would have the royal fountains filled with rose water so that anyone who walked through the garden would get sprinkled with drops of pure rose water. And of course the iconic beauty queen herself, Cleopatra, who is known for her affinity for the most lavish and luxurious beauty treatments, bathed in pure rosewater. Used for centuries, rosewater has valuable medicinal and rejuvenating properties from hydrating and moisturizing the skin to healing scars from sun damage.

Drenching our skin in rosewater is a sacred beauty ritual that I am all about. Agent Nateur’s Holi (water) is the iconic, modern take on a delicate rosewater toner. This product is nourishing & gentle, ideal for those with acne or irritated skin, thanks to the bulgarian rosewater which works to balance the skin’s pH levels. Holi (water) immediately reduces redness and cleanses excess dirt & oil on the skin for clear, clam and soothed skin. Your skin will see an instantaneous plumping & tightening effect and long term drastic improvement, especially if you use this product in tandem with Holi (c) The C Duo Calcium & Vitamin C. Using a pea sized amount of the Holi (c), you’ll add a spritz or two of the Holi (water), mix, apply to your entire face, neck & décolleté for a glowing complexion.


Holi (c)

Agent Nateur doesn’t stop there with their rose infused products, the Holi (Rose) No.4 Deodorant is one of their iconic products. In collaboration with sacred beauty & wellness guru, Shiva Rose, this deodorant is an exotic blend of rose & sensual sandalwood which is a pheromone and acts as a natural deodorant. The rose essential oil is heart opening, fresh and divinely fragrant.


Holi (rose) N4 Deodorant

Roses activate the heart chakra by opening up the energetic center in your chest, where your actual heart lies. This allows us to connect deeper with the energy, feeling and vibration of love. Roses & rose infused products can enhance romantic moods, release emotional blockages and magnify allure & attraction. One divinely scented product that gets me into a space of pure love, love of myself, love of others & love for all things, is the Lotus Wei - Fierce Compassion line. Fierce Compassion comes in an luxurious Anointing Oil and a refreshing Aura Mist, both of which I indulge in multiple times a day. These products feel so healing, softening and put you in such a nurturing space of gratitude and compassion.


Anointing Oil - Fierce Compassion

There is no limit to the benefits & uses of the rose. Aside from being included in many of our favorite skincare & beauty products, some of our most beloved ways to vibrate higher with rose include; adding petals into intentionally charged water, drying them to go atop beverages (rose bud matcha, anyone? Recipe coming soon!), anointing yourself with pure rose oil, bathing in rose water and of course, arranging fresh cuts around your space.

At Citrine, my mission is to share beauty rituals that inspire you to elevate your life, your health, wellbeing & consciousness. Rose is one of my absolute favorite tools to work with, from the healing, loving energy it emits to the luxurious scent, it’s one of my top choices for enhancing your mind, body & spirit. Invite more rose into your life, allow them to raise your vibration and bring you closer to embodying your highest, most divine self.