Experiencing the skin of your dreams doesn’t need to be a far off, unattainable goal or vision. With the right tools, tips and products, we can help you achieve the skin you’ve always dreamt of. Depending on your specific skin type, skin goals, your skin’s triggers and what you are targeting, we have curated specific rituals to give you that flawless complexion you’re after.


If your skin tends to lean on the drier, more dehydrated side, you’re going to want to focus in on this category where we help you combat dull, dry skin and infuse your skin with intensive moisture for that fresh, dewy, radiant skin you’re after.  

First, we recommend our number one best selling serum, the Kypris Antioxidant Dew. This is our holy grail serum for quenching thirsty skin, infusing it with nourishing and protecting antioxidants and helping the skin retain moisture with consistent use. This serum is ultra-gentle and formulated to be used on any and all skin types and the 75+ glowing reviews prove that.

Next, it’s key to go in with a really moisturizing oil. The Agent Nateur holi (oil) is another best seller and is a unique serum-in-oil formulation that drenches skin in the silkiest moisture that lasts throughout the day without being greasy. It looks beautiful on the skin, giving it that real luminous glow. With ingredients to encourage skin cell turnover and replenish collagen, it’s the ultimate ageless oil.
Finally, the Ayuna Cream III is yet another best selling, holy grail product with rave reviews. This is Ayuna’s richest and most decadent moisturizing cream. This multi-functional cream emulsion is an innovative formula in clean beauty as it contains the first-ever topical cannabis sativa stem cell cultures. The molecular cannabic cocktail used in Cream III triggers the sensory system which creates a noticeable increase in oxytocin, the “love hormone.” The oxytocin production literally boosts our mood, has a positive effect on our emotional state and is proven to increase one’s magnetic resonance, making us more attractive on a subtle energy level. Additionally, lipid-replenishing jojoba, Candelilla and rice bran waxes which blend together to create a finish that is rich and velvety to the touch. Nutrient replenishing, sublimated grape water, known as “living water”, has an optimal bioelectric pH balance for the revitalization of the skin’s moisture content and retention. This is essentially a miracle in-a-jar when it comes to multifunctional skincare as it activates the skin’s natural repair system, stimulates cell regeneration, strengthens the skin’s barrier, protects against pollutants, stress and anxiety, nourishes and hydrates, diminishes signs of fatigue and dehydration, and promotes skin longevity. Win, win.
While products are key factors in achieving really hydrated, dewy skin… we cannot fail to mention the importance of nourishing yourself internally. From ingestible collagen, found in the viral Agent Nateur holi (mane) to making sure you’re consuming a diet full of nutrient dense fruits and vegetables with a high water content such as cucumbers, watermelon and zucchini. Other supplements that keep you really hydrated from within are MSM and phytoceramides which are both found in Agent Natuer’s holi (radiance) powder.


Some of us are inherently more prone to blemishes than others. Whether you’re experiencing a season or cycle where your skin is flaring up or you have an ongoing struggle with acne, we have solutions to help reduce break outs and keep your skin free and clear. 
First up, you’re going to want to make sure you’re properly cleansing your skin with the correct cleanser for your specific skin type. Tata Harper has a fabulous collection of cleansers that help to manage breakout prone skin but our number one pick that seems to do wonders for blemishes is the Clarifying Cleanser. It helps to remove impurities, gently detox your skin and give it that really refreshed feeling sans stripping the skin.

Depending if you tend to be more sensitive, Tata Harper’s Superkind line also offers two beautiful cleansers that are ultra-gentle and free from any common skin irritants and stressors. The Softening Cleanser is going to be the most gentle, foaming option and the Refining Cleanser is going to give you a really subtle yet effective cleanse that helps encourage skin cell turnover and reduce the chance of clogged pores and congestion, leading to more clear skin. It’s important to get to know your skin and find out it’s general disposition… whether that’s oily or more dry, and take it from there. Acne can be a very complex and layered situation so if you’re seeking more specific suggestions, we have a variety of virtual consultation offerings available on our site here. We can help you select the proper cleanser and entire skin care routine to get you on the right track towards your clearest, most flawless dream skin.

If you’re looking for a targeted treatment product to help clear up blemishes and balance the skin, the Kypris Clearing Serum is amazing. Formulated with calming lilac leaf stem cells, zinc and phytonutrient rich botanical extracts this helps to support the skin barrier and promote healing from the deep dermal layers. Pairs perfectly with the Antioxidant Dew to replenish moisture and soothe the skin further. 

For instantaneous crystal clear results and your softest, most flawless, texture free skin… Ayuna’s Yan You is the innovative & unique probiotic treatment that you need. Yan You is a crystalline powder that comes in sachets that when mixed with water, forms a hydrotherapy cure that helps to retain moisture in the skin barrier, even texture & brighten dullness. Loaded with balancing probiotics, electrolytes & sugars, it’s super nourishing & revitalizing. It targets any discoloration, rough texture & enlarged pores. It is unlike any product we carry and is suitable for every skin type. This product is to be used directly after you cleanse & before you go in with toners, serums, creams & oils.




The issue of hyperpigmentation is common amongst almost all of us and is something we especially want to focus on healing post summer. Whether you experience dull, lackluster skin that needs a boost of radiance or if you tend to get spots and uneven skin tone, you’re going to want to put your efforts towards brightening the skin. 

 One of the most vital, key ingredients when it comes to brightening your complexion, reducing hyperpigmentation and preventing future skin damage is Vitamin C. Our best selling, number one Vitamin C product is the Agent Nateur holi(c). This is a powder formulation that contains just two ingredients, sodium ascorbyl phosphate or SAP, and Calcium ketogluconate. It’s activated by mixing with water, or, the Agent Natuer holi (water) which is a pearl + rose toning essence that infuses moisture into the skin and creates a special activated vitamin C emulsion, which you then apply. By choosing to use SAP as the form of Vitamin C, as opposed to the more common, L-Ascorbic Acid, holi(c) protects your skin from the damaging effects that can be caused by use of the other Vitamin C derivatives that actually oxidize when they come in contact with your skin. 




Holi(c) works wonders when it comes to caring for and preventing hyperpigmentation. It’s the ultimate skin brightener, giving you that even complexion of yours reams with consistent use. As it resurfaces the skin, acne scars and imperfections on the skin’s surface being to disappear. It also really tightens the skin, reduces fine lines and helps to contour the skin for a really ageless look. Pair with the holi (oil) to complete your hydrating, brightening and replenishing skin care ritual, known as the holi (trinity) which can be purchased as a full size set or a travel size set which is nice if you are new to the products and would like to try them out! We promise that you’ll be hooked!


Next up, for brightening and hyperpigmentation, Tata Harper comes in with their collection of Concentrated Brightening products. The Concentrated Brightening Essence is an infusion of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy technology that instantly helps to combat dark spots, uneven skin tone and help reveal more radiant skin. It’s also going to minimize pores and help tighten the skin while giving you a serious glow. The Concentrated Brightening Serum is an intensive formula that not only fades years of damage done by UV rays but also helps to boost overall hydration, keep imperfections at bay and enhance the overall texture and tone of your complexion.




As always, it’s important to protect your skin from future sun damage so making sure to incorporate both an SPF and antioxidants into your skincare routine is going to be vital. A chic hat to block out the sun doesn’t hurt either! Targeting your specific skin woes and working towards achieving the skin of your dreams is an ongoing commitment but it is absolutely attainable! If you need guidance on curating the specific ritual for your dream skin, don’t hesitate to book a free 15 minute consultation here!



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